San Francisco Pride Weekend 1996

Title (as given to the record by the creator): San Francisco Pride Weekend 1996
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Laura Johnston, Susannah, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Two pages with black and white photos.
Reference #: FG6-026-027-Pride
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San Francisco Pride Weekend 1996

Page 26

[Page Description: Title in a deco font: “San Francisco Pride Weekend 1996.” This page has 5 photos framed in black.]

[ID: Two similar photos: 1. Two Black fat dykes in bright sunlight. Kebo is seated and shown from the waist up, has braided short hair, and wears a busily patterned, button-down, summery dress; Latricia has their short hair cut in a fade, and is leaning on Kebo from behind, with hands on Kebo’s chest and chin on top of Kebo’s head. Latricia is wearing a light button-down shirt. They are both smiling at the camera. 2. Kebo and Latricia are in the same place as the previous photo, but now Kebo is leaning back to look up at Latricia, and Latricia is leaning their head down, while looking up at the camera. It looks like they might be about to kiss. Caption for these two photos says “Kebo and Latricia at FaT GiRL’s PRIDE DAY Lemonade Social and Bake Sale, held at Kairos.” Photo by Susannah.]

[ID: A photo of a multiracial group of fat dykes outside, some seated and some standing, wearing FaT GiRL t-shirts. There are buildings with storefronts behind them.Some of them are laughing, and the mood is one of merriment. The caption says “FaT GIRL cruising 40,000 women at the Dyke March, June 29, 1996.” Photo by Susannah.]

[ID: A photo of Max, a fat white dyke with a shaved head, standing outside with a blurry crowd behind them. They’re smiling and waving at the camera, and wearing a flannel with cut-off sleeves. They have a jacket slung over one shoulder and a bag on the other. Caption says, “Max at the Dyke March.” Photo by Susannah.]

[ID: A photo of Bertha, a white femme dyke with long dark hair that’s shaved on the sides. She’s out in a crowd, smiling, holding her arms out to the sides and twirling around in her black bustier and long crinoline skirt, with black boots and socks. The skirt is flying up as she twirls. The caption says “Twirlin’ Bertha, Pride Day, June 30, 1996.” Photo by Laura Johnston.]

Page 27

[Page Description: This page has 2 photos framed in black.]

[ID: Barbara, a white fat femme dyke, laying face down on a mountain of bags of ice. She’s in a leather bra and short ruffled leather skirt, tights and black lace-up boots with waffle soles. Her feet are kicked up behind her. Her curly hair is pulled up off her neck. The caption says “Barbara on Ice, Pride Day.” Photo by Laura Johnston.]

[ID: Mr. Anon, a white, fat butch, smiles as he leans back to lay down on a big pile of bags of ice. He’s wearing cutover denim overalls and has short hair. The caption says “Mr. Anon keepin’ cool.” Photo by Laura Johnston.]