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FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996


Margo Mercedes Rivera on why do a “Sports and Swimsuit” issue.

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

Song: FatPhobe

A song by Lukas Blakk and the Kissing Bandits, Montreal, 1996. As seen in FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996.

Survey: How does being fat affect your sexuality?

Reader responses to our survey


News compiled by Sondra Solo and Max Airborne

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Wet Hibiscus

A chapter from Cath Dunsford’s novel.

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

You’re Crazy, Your Life’s Outta Control, & You Should Go To Weight Watchers

Rant by Charlene

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Laura Antoniou’s Some Women: a brief report of my favorite essay 

By Cuirdyke & MsDaddy’s girl, a review of Christine’s essay “Heavy S/M Fat Brats Speak Out” in Laura Antoniou’s anthology, “Some Women.”

Survey: What do you dislike about being FAT? What do you like about being Fat? 

Reader responses to our survey

Roundtable 3: Racism and Fat Hatred

There is no way we can begin to understand and end fat phobia unless we understand how deeply racism and classism work to sustain fat phobia and vice versa. You cannot discuss fat issues without also looking at the class and race dynam­ics. This roundtable is an excerpted discussion among fat dykes from the bay area sharing their personal experiences with fat and racism.

From FaT GiRL #3, June, 1995.

A word to our “concerned” sisters

Fat dyke Lea Arellano has a few words for the concerned writer to Lesbian Connection.

fat, fucked up & fucked over

by Charlotte Cooper

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Issue Survey – How do you feel the dyke community treats you as a fat dyke?

Reader responses to our survey.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

4 Big Girls: Around the Table Review

Review of a 1994 performance by 4 Big Girls.

by Barbarism
from FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995