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Size Queen Cover

The cover of Size Queen. Photo by Sondra Solovay.

Fat Fairy Godmother

by Alison Nowak

Size Queen’s Full of it


Why Size Queen?

Photos by Cherry and Joe from Trans March, 2004

Something for Everyone!

Amanda Piasecki on a trip to Ikea

Take Me for a Ride, Christine lanieri reviews Venus of Chalk, the latest novel by Susan Stinson

Christine lanieri reviews Venus of Chalk, the latest novel by Susan Stinson

Fat Attitudes

review and photo by Tina Arroyo 

The Face of a Fat Girl: My Path into Sex Work

by Lori S

I Am Not An Activist

By Leah Strock

Shoot Me! 

Photographing fat folks, by Kina Williams

This is What Fifty Looks Like

Photos: Daisy Chen
Model: Laurie Avocado


by Cholla


Poetry by Susan Stinson.

Fat Farm: Memories of Six East

Comic by Max Airborne about a fat, white, queer young person living in a psychiatric institution.

in Size Queen, 2005.

If a bear’s in the woods, and no one else is, does he make a sound?

Steven Schwartz on the lack of fat men in the fat acceptance movement.

Prima Donna

Smut by Joe Samson

Dainty Does Ballet

Art by Allyson Mitchell.

Post-Surgery = Post-Community?

Four writers Tackle Questions of Weight, Gender & Transitions: Margo, Nomy Lamm, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann

Pariah, the bleeding edge fat fashion column

by Amanda Piasecki

To Cut is to Heal

By Elena T.

It Takes a Real Butch to Admit What She Really Wants

Smut by Maxbear Finkelstein

Jukie & Papi D

Photos by Joe Samson

Peach Meat

Fruity smut by Zhaddi

You Can’t Say That!

Charlotte Cooper on the censorship of her book, “Fat & Proud.”

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