Size Queen’s Full of it

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Size Queen’s Full of it
Date(s) of creation: June 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Size Queen
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Size Queen’s Full of it


If a Bear’s In the Woods … Steven Schwartz
I Am Not an Activist…Leah Strock 
Post-Surgery=Post-Community? Four writers tackle weight, gender and transitions.
Nomy Lamm
Margo Rivera-Weiss
Sondra Solovay
Marilyn Wann
To Cut Is To Heal. .. Elena T 
You Can’t Say That…Charlotte Cooper 

Art, Comics, Fun Stuff

Dainty Does Ballet…Allyson Mitchell
Fat Fairy Godmother … Alison Nowak
Movement…Susan Stinson 
Shoot Me: Photo Tips … Kina Williams
This Is What 50 Looks Like … … (photos by Daisy Chen)
Memories of 6 East. .. Max Airborne 
Size Queen Collector Trading Cards 

Columns and Reviews 

Pariah (fashion) … Amanda Piasecki 
Fat Attitudes (review) … Tina Arroyo 
Venus of Chalk (review) … Christine lanieri
Contributor bios 

Fuel for a “Special Nap” 

It Takes a Real Butch to Admit What She Really Wants…Maxbear Finkelstein 
Jukie and Papi D. (photos by Joe Samson)
Peach Meat…Zhaddi 
Prima Donna … Joe Samson 

Rants, Musings, Stories 

The Face of a Fat Girl: My Path Into Sex Work … Lori Selke
Something for Everyone! … Amanda Piasecki
Torocoyori. .. Cholla 
Why Size Queen? … Cherry and Maxie 

Here at Size Queen we know know that size does matter … 

… every day, in every way. Size Queen is a place to explore what it means to be fat and queer. Our loyal subjects include loved ones, families, friends and allies of all sizes and orientations. Size Queen is a dynamic space for discussion, support, and enlightenment. A place to see ourselves. To reflect and reinvent ourselves. Size Queen is an expression of community that looks toward inclusion and challenges traditional notions of sex and gender. Size Queen is a manifesto, a document of the revolution, an invitation. Size Queens come in all colors, shapes, genders, ages, abilities, and sizes! If you are a Size Queen, or a loyal sub­ject, we want you! We want your voice! Your story! Your picture! It’s a rolling deadline, so send your stuff now. 

Submit, submit, submit! 

Size Queen 
Oakland CA 94605 

$10 each, plus $1 for shipping. Stickers available for $1 each. Make check payable to Max Airborne. You must include a signed age statement with your order. Size Queen is for sale to humans over 18 only. Credit card users go to our web site. 

Ten bucks seems like a bunch of bills to us. We’re sorry to have to charge this much, but we really wanted to be able to publish the hot pics and beautiful art in their full glory. We were gonna do the kinko’s thing in traditional old-school zine style, and just insert a page of pricey color photocopy. Then we crunched the numbers and realized for about the same cost per issue we could do it all in lovely color. Only difference is we need to sell a heap of Size Queens to break even. So, please buy one for your friend, too. It’s less than the cost of a movie and popcorn and we prom­ise it will provide more to talk about. Donations gladly accepted. 

Size Queen is a movement, a collaboration between members of a community that have not yet all met, a project about visibility with Max Airborne and Cherry Midnight at the helm. 

Size Queen sends special thanks to all the contributors, Joe, the Thermalia family, Candida, Ky and Audey. Also huge thanks to all the activists who inspire us every day! We love you! 

Front cover photo by Sondra Solovay. Model is Jukie Sunshine. 

June, 2005.