What’s Inside…

Title: What’s inside…
Date(s) of creation: October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher: Fat Girl Publishing
Physical description: single zine page, printed in black and white 
Reference #: FG1-001
Links: [ PDF ]

[Image description: Black and white illustration of a white person with dark hair and bangs, wearing “cat-eye” style glasses and dark lipstick. They are framed in a window, looking at us. Their hands, with fingernails painted a dark colour, grip the windowsill; the symbol and word “♥(heart) FAT” are written on the knuckles of their left hand, the word “GIRL” is written on the knuckles of their right hand. Following this drawing are two areas of text: a table of contents and a masthead.]


What’s inside…


Fat Fucking Bitch by Candida Albicans Royale p4

Demon by Barbarism. p9

Give Me a Microphone by JoNelle Toriseva p22

Thank You Note to a Top by Drew. p26


No Excuses by Selena. p42

Rave: Fat Girl Aerobics by Debbie Ann Wertheim. p47


Barbarism & Oso by Elizabeth Stark p3

Heather & Amiee by Bethaniel. p28


I Was a Fat Kid by Max Airborne. p8

Cartoon by Sondra Solovay. p25

One Fat Day by A. Hernandez. p54


Real Mujeres Have Pansas by Lea Arellano. p7

Poison by Selena. p12

Poem by Raquel. p43

Poem by Raquel. p52


Chew On This survey responses. p2

Judy Freespirit by A. Hernandez. p6

Oh My God It’s Big Mama interview with XXXXX and Max Airborne by Barbarism. p14

Fat Girl Collective Roundtable p24

Contributor’s Bios p53

Survey: tell us what you think. p58


Hey Fat Chick advice column. p13

Go Ahead Try It On clothing resources. p44

Ask the Gear Queen info swap. p48

Resources organizations & announcements. p54

Media Feast books, zines, and movies. p56

Personals. p57


Fat Girl is a zine for and about Fat Dykes. Fat Girl seeks to create a broad-based dialogue which both challenges and informs our notions of Fat-Dyke identity. We encourage dialogue based on our lived experiences as fat women, recognizing that our lives are various and multi-faceted. Fat Girl is produced by an eclectic collective of Fat Dykes. We come in all shapes and sizes; from diverse ethnic cultures and different class backgrounds. 

Producing Fat Girl is a political act; we want your participation. Submit your daily experiences getting from here to there; your fictional explorations; your whimsical reminiscences; your sarcastic diatribes; your songs of laughter and tears of anger and pain; your non-linear meanderings; your artistic endeavours; wood cuts, drawings, photos, rubber stamps, cartoons; your hard-hitting investigative journalism; your hot sexual forays from the perverse to the sublime; your tales of gender play; news; reviews; announcements; letters; gossip and encouragement.

Contributors to this issue: Amiee Ross, A. Hernandez, April Miller, Barbarism, Bertha Pearl, Beth Savage, Bethanie!, Candida Albicans Royale, Cathy Cade, Debbie Ann Wertheim, Drew, Elizabeth Stark, Erin O’Neill, Fish, Heather MacAllister, JJ Whitehurst, JoNelle Toriseva, Laura Johnston, XXXXXX, Lea Arellano, Max Airborne, Oso, Raquel, Selena, Sondra Solovay, Syndee Branton. 

Layout crew: April, Barbarism, Max & Selena.

Thanks to the following fine folks for all of their invaluable help getting Fat Girl together: Jennifer Brooks, Judy Freespirit, Jux, Fish, Christine DePedro, Erin O’Neill, Kane Scarlett, Laura Johnston, Mitch Markstein, Nicola Ginzler, sappho@apocalypse.org, all the people who answered our zillion questions, everyone who bared their soul filling out the survey, and all the brave dykes who gave us encouragement when we handed them a flyer.

For inspiration, we’d like to thank Brat Attack, Dorothy Allison, Elana Dykewomon, Emma Goldman, Factsheet Five, Love & Rockets (esp. for Maggie), John Waters, Patti Smith, Queen (for Fat-Bottomed Girls), and a very special thanks to Fat Dykes everywhere, for making it this far: This zine is for you.

Write to us for ad rates and submission guidelines. Deadline for the next issue is December 1, 1994.

This issue was lovingly printed by Punks with Presses in Oakland, CA; first run 2000 copies. We did it on a Macintosh with the help of Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and FileMaker Pro.

This issue Ⓒ1994 Fat Girl Publishing. All rights belong to individual artists.

Disclaimer: Some of the work published here may depict unsafe sex. This is for artistic purposes only, and is not intended to promote unsafe sex.

Fat Girl is not to be read by miners.

iS a PoLiTiCaL ACT