Photos: Oso & Barbarism

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Oso ▼ Barbarism
Date(s) of creation:  October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher:  Elizabeth Stark, Oso, Barbarism, FaT GiRL
Physical description:  Black and white scan of one page from a zine with printed photos
Reference #:  FG1-003
Links: [ PDF ]

Oso ▼ Barbarism

photos by Elizabeth Stark

[image description: Three black and white photos are set on a black page.

The top photo shows a close up of a light-skinned person’s vulva and upper thighs wearing only a black lace garter belt. The garters are pulled taut but the photo doesn’t capture the legs low enough down to see the stockings they’re attached to. The taut garter echoes the taut muscles of Oso’s hand wrapped tight around a disposable plastic razor they are using to shave Barbarism’s pubic hair. Traces of shaving cream are visible. Bright light illuminates the peaks of Barbarism’s inner thighs and casts Oso’s non-shaving hand in shadow. Their shadowed fingers are inserted ever so slightly between Barbarism’s lips and pubic hair. Aside from their hands and wrists, all we see of Oso is the obscured profile of their nose and parted mouth.

The middle photo shows Barbarism on their back from knees to ribcage laid out on wrinkling light sheets that contrast their black lingerie. Their arms are up revealing dark armpit hair. They wear opaque black stockings held up by a black garter belt with lace ruffle and a black bra. Their legs fall open making space for Oso who we see standing above with one leg planted to the left of Barbarism and the other between her legs. Only their ankles and feet are visible in dark jeans cuffed above shiny black leather boots. The visible right boot is lifted and shoved toe-deep into Barbarism’s freshly shaven cunt.

The bottom photo features Barbarism laying on her back in the sheets from the waist up. Her black bra holds her breasts up against her black leather collar and her right hand is seen restrained above her head with a black leather cuff. A thick mass of dark hair halos around her on the sheets while her head turns right with an outstretched tongue to lick Oso’s boot. All we see of Oso is their cuffed jean leg and their well-shined black leather boot pressing Barb’s arm to the bed while her tongue cleans the boot’s toe. The order of events is unclear, but Barbarism’s tongue is either readying the boot for her cunt, or licking the cunt off of it.]