Advice: Ask the Gear Queen

Title: Ask The Gear Queen
Date(s) of creation: October 1994
Creator / author / publisher: April Miller, FaT GiRL
Physical description: page says “ask the gear queen” in the middle with a drawing of a harpy, which resembles a mix of a bird and a queen. The page has the letter submission on the left and the gear queen’s response in parallel columns. The last sentence is large and bold at the bottom.
Reference #: FG1-048-GearQueen
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Ask the Gear Queen

a drawing of a harpy, which resembles a mix of a bird and a queen

Dear Gear Queen,

My problem concerns my tits. Not that I have a lump (praise whomever) or any medical complaint. It’s my constant disappointment of hauling 38L breasts into a 42DD harness with piano wire bra straps. Imagine the grief involved in going to a leather shop and knowing the corsets and other chest decorations are meant for smaller women, or for huge cups on a pencil frame.

I need advice on finding a corset designer that can design for a large frame. It would be nice to get a designer who likes a large body with large breasts, and who would not be afraid to mold a brassiere that could be built into (or match) a corset that could control a full bust during a rigorous spanking workout. (Nothing’s worse than a jiggling bust colliding with an underarm during a paddle’s down-stroke, is there?)

I don’t have $1,000 to spend, and I don’t want to pay good money just to have some anorectic child laugh (barely) behind my back. Under $300 would be nice, but under $200 would be a miracle. (Oh yes, a person who’d know a reasonable supplier of thigh-high leather boots for large calves or thighs would be ever so neat to know.)

I’m facing facts — no matter how well I wield a flogger, the ability to have supportive, sturdy clothing to play in adds to MY comfort and confidence. I would be very grateful if I can find answers in your new (so necessary) magazine.

Thanks for your attention.

Yours (maybe, at reasonable rates)

M. T. Richardson

PS. Any advice, Ladies, on buying a men’s suit (ready-made or tailored)? None of this breast-binding genderfuck, however, it would be helpful to know how suits fit on women whose proportions aren’t similar to Rush Limbaugh’s. (If life were only so simple; a good suit, a bit of makeup, and one on-air sex act with one of his loyal fans, the radical right’s hearts would skip a beat, as one…)

Dear Ms. Richardson,

Yeah, it’s a pain not being able to walk into a store and find the perfect thing (or at least something halfway acceptable) in a size made for real people. Luckily, you have other options.

If you sew or have access to someone who sews you can make your own corsets. They are time consuming but not particularly difficult to make and the patterns are easy to alter to accommodate a more (or less) generous endowment. (The same can’t be said for suits. Don’t try them at home without a lot of skill and experience to back you up!)

Amazon Drygoods’ pattern catalog ($7.00 ppd) has a wide variety of period corset styles and sizes (among other things), and their General Catalog ($3.00 ppd) sells the husks, boning, etc. you’ll need to make one. I also recommend their Shoes & Boots Catalog ($5.00 ppd) for custom made footgear including thigh-high boots! Most shoes are in the $150-300 price range and the price is per pair regardless of size. This pricing system means that if you’re dressing a doll you’re buying a very expensive pair of shoes, but if you’re a supersize fat girl you’re getting a great deal! (Amazon Drygoods, 2218 East 11th Street, Davenport, LA 52803-3760, 319-322-6800)

If you don’t sew you can hire a pattern maker or seamstress to make things for you. You might not want to go to the local seamstress, but if you contact local clothing design schools and the costume departments of area theaters I’m sure you’ll find someone who would love to make a suit or leather bra and waist cincher combo for a hot fat top with big breasts. I’m pleased to tell you that there is a corset maker who specializes in large women. I run a company called BERTHA and I’d love to dress a body like yours!


PS. Anybody out there got a source for bras in size 38L? Let us know!

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