Photos: Heather & Amiee

Title:  Heather & Amiee
Date(s) of creation:  October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL, Heather, Amiee, Bethaniel
Physical description:  Black and white scan of four pages from a zine with printed text and photos
Reference #:  FG1-028-031-HeatherAndAmiee
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Heather & Amiee

Photography by Bethaniel

[image description:  Page 28 features 4 outlined boxes on a white page. 

The top right box is double outlined and has the text “Heather & Amiee, Photography by Bethaniel” at center. 

The top left box is a black and white photograph of Amiee, a fat white butch shot from behind on all fours. She is naked aside from a black leather chest harness with metal hardware crossing her upper back. To her right is Heather, a fat white femme angled to face the camera. She is wearing a dark lace, ankle length bodysuit and open black leather jacket. She grazes Amiee’s shoulder blades with her right fingertips while her left hand brings a braided leather flogger down on Amiee’s ass. The two are set against a background of heavy draped fabric and neither’s head can be seen in the shot.
The center right box features a close crop of Amiee and Heather in profile from the shoulders up. Amiee wears a heavy black leather jacket and grins at Heather while holding something up to her face. Heather wears a wide leather collar, large rhinestoned cross earring, and looks straight on, unsmiling at Amiee.

The bottom box shows Heather laying on the floor on her back looking away from the camera while Amiee, on hands and knees, straddles Heather and smirks at the camera. Heather’s nails are painted and her wrist is wrapped in a leather cuff as she gently grips Amiee’s side. Amiee is wearing a leather daddy cap, chest harness, dick harness, white tube socks, and is gripping a chain from Heather’s collar in her teeth.]

[image description: Page 29 features 4 outlined boxes on a white page. 

The top left box is a naked photo of Heather from behind, kneeling on her heels. Her cuffed wrists are bound by chains draped from her collar, leaving her elbows bent and hands gently clasped just above her legendary ass.

In the top right box we see Amiee shot from behind, naked in a chest harness and collar. She sits face to face with Heather, straddling her lap as she’s seated on a chair. We only see Heather’s lace-covered knees and hands gripping a bamboo cane that she presses deep across Amiee’s ass. A pig-dog tattoo peers out from just above the curve of the cane on Amiee’s ass.

The bottom left box shows Heather from behind in a wide squat wearing her lace bodysuit and a thick leather belt with two oversized glistening O-rings dangling over her ass. Topless Amiee leans over Heather’s shoulder and palms one of her lacy ass cheeks in each hand.

The bottom right photo is shot from above and close cropped on Heather’s face, mouth gaping and tongue running up Amiee’s bent-over ass. Heather wears a thin metal chain from her nose to earring and gazes directly at us from under her thick black eyeliner. She grips the sides of Amiee’s ass cheeks in both hands.]

[image description:  Pages 30 and 31 together feature a centerfold shot from above. From our bird’s eye view we see Amiee flat on her back from the top of her short dark curly hair to the ankles of her leather boots. She wears her leather chest harness and a leather collar from which a chain that travels down her center and forks into a pair of nipple clamps. Her knees are pulled up alongside her chest and her thighs are spread, making visible the gloved fist buried wrist deep in her cunt. Amiee’s hand grasps her own cunt and her closed eyes and parted lips make clear her satisfaction.]