Poem by Raquel

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Poem
Date(s) of creation:  October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher:  Raquel, FaT GiRL
Physical description:  Two zine pages printed with black and white text and illustration
Reference #:  FG1-052-053
Links: [ PDF ]

The fact is
I want my nipples
to ache hard 
for you to grab
while wearing mirrored
to swallow
as your shape shadows
and loud Led Zeppelin
tears away
inside my cunt

Your intention to arouse
my refusal
to be aroused
the game
of fuck
we play

I want my toes to squeak
calm and tired
creaming day’s hard duties
under the ass of my hand

I want to play
who gets to 
turn who

Remember our first night
when the blue train
through my head
and your anonymity
pulled me open
you pressed
heavy on my chest

couldn’t breathe
but my knees
and pussy
told me you were right

I want to be strangers
to want you so bad
I don’t mind a car crash
on the way home
at 16th and Mission
Flashing yellow/red lights
My head hit numbly
against the stinky vinyl
of the cab
I think it turned you on
to protect me
right then from the start

I want you 
to suck my neck purple
and dance against a wall again
on Texas street
to play games
between my wanting 
and your needing

I want smoky eyes
to shadow a hot pressing roll
into the river
of my pussy
the first night
you fucked me
gave me sweetness
in my fat girl body
of edgy waiting
more than even the best
of my often repeated fantasy

You gave me
bucking, rushing
You gave me hard tits
freedom to turn and move
You pressed hard against my breath
and gave me

I want you
Your mirrored sunglasses
your ass
and machismo
I want my hair caught tight
under your arm

[image description: black and white illustration of a heart, tilted at a 30-degree angle. The simple black outline of a heart on a white background is pierced by a sword, with a heavy hilt and crossbar.]

Take me
away from everyday
bring me to a hot edge
make my stomach
turn and shallow
make me open and 
take my hair
in your hands
cry into my face
wash me 
with your smoky eyes