Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Contributors
Date(s) of creation:  October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 one zine page with text,  printed in black and white
Reference #:  FG1-058-Bios
Links: [ PDF ]


Amiee Ross: I am Amiee, self-proclaimed bull dagger raging bratdog. Always proud to be your big ole poppa. Constantly the wandering yid. Forever a hopeless romantic. Cuz I’m fat like that Cuz I’m full like that Cuz I’m round like that And you dig it like that. 

Beth Savage: Beth is a flaming dyke at large in the seaside town of Santa Cruz. By day she makes sure puppies and kittens live to be grownups, by night she takes the town by storm. If she has one message to send out to the world it is to pursue perversity and be as hard and core as possible. FAT GIRLS ROCK ON! 

Bethaniel: Bethaniel is a writer, photographer and nasty old butch top who advocates sexual mayhem and universal health care. She is pursuing her masters in Telecommunication, Radio, & Film, on the off-chance she may someday be gainfully employed thereby. In the meantime she drives a delivery truck for a living and is happy to have friends like Heather and Amiee who will strip naked and pose for pictures at the slightest provocation. 

Debbie Ann Wertheim: Debbie Ann lives and plays in San Francisco. She’s a wanna-be computer nerd and you can email her at xxx. 

Drew: Drew is a greedy slut from San Francisco. Her work has been published in Venus Infers and is forthcoming in the SandMUtopia Guardian and the sequel to Coming to Power. She is the editor/publisher of The Servants’ Quarters, a zine devoted to erotic submission.

Elizabeth Stark: Elizabeth freelances in the Bay Area. She is currently working on a novel and studying for her M.F A in writing from Columbia. 

Erin O’Neill: I’m a femme-geek dyke who arrived on the info hiway via performance art. Thank gawd B&W photography is still a viable art form. It keeps me sorta sane. I’ve been photographing queers & cats for just over a year & I’m currently working on a show about gender-blur in bathrooms. 

Fish: Fish does illustration and comics all over the place. She is also the editor of Brat Attack: the zine for leatherdykes and other bad girls ( sample: $5 to PO Box xxx, San Francisco, CA 94140-0754). She did the logo to earn brownie points with hot girls. 

Heather MacAllister: Heather is a totally righteous & cool fat Celtic-warrior femme dyke who lives in Tucson, but dreams of living in San Francisco where she is appreciated for being her true freaky self. She wasn’t here to write this bio, so her loving pals did the honor. 

JJ: l can be found cruising girls in leather shops and diners in San Francisco. 

JoNelle Toriseva: JoNelle is a writer who was raised on a ranch, and lives in San Francisco. 

Laura Johnsfon: Laura Johnston is a big-time geek and sometime barber. She takes lots of pictures of stuff, cats, and herself, but really likes photo-ing fat girls best. 

Lea Arellano: I am a 42-year-old fat working-class chicana dyke. I am a writer, scholar, activist/organizer, and contemporary curandera. I love dance, song, and drums. I currently live in Berkeley, Califas. 

Sondra Solovay: Sondra is a performance artist currently operating undercover as a law student to get material on the erosion of kindness and humanity in the ever-darkening ironically named justice system. 

Collective Members 

A.Hernandez is a third-generation San Franciscan who lives in a room with a view with Jenny, Nicki and Punch. On the periphery; she meditates Gurdjieff’s tack that “all life is mathematics.”

Miss April Miller has a sleazy reputation, which largely springs from other people’s torrid imaginations. Nevertheless, she tries to live up to it. 

Barbarism is a nerdy pervert into insects, ritual, and in-your-face political action. She dreamed (and talked and talked and talked) of a feast of fat images and voices. Yum. She is so happy to have birthed Fat Girl that she can’t stop coming. 

Bertha: redhead, big tits, talented hands, Brooklyn. 

Candida Albicans Royale learned to read at age two from the back seat of a run-down Volvo by announcing whatever neon restaurant, bar, and gas station signs she could decipher in the 40 m.p.h. blur. She still has fond associations with these early influences. 

Max Airborne is a big bumbling Barbarism-loving biker babe from New Mexico. 

Selena is either an alien from another planet, or she’s a well-adjusted geek. In any case, she’s currently living in Berkeley as a 25-year-old S/M dyke. 

Oso is a Chicana stone butch into hot femmes and tattoos. Love my kitty!

Raquel is an Interdisciplinary Arts graduate student currently designing an arts-based experiential workshop for adolescent women about body image because, “I told myself I would never forget what it felt like to be a teenager.” She shares her world with A Hernandez and two fur balls.