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A.M. Salt: is an unemployed writer living in San Francisco but getting the hell out soon.

Miss April Miller: lives in a garret in Oakland, California with her extensive col­lection of shoes. She is currently anticipating the arrival of her houseboy, whom she is very nearly convinced she cannot live without. 

Bertha: likes being the Kitchen Slut because she loves hot dishes, feeding people and playing with knives. 

Blade: loves pizza. Feed Blade pizza. Blade happy. 

Charlene: loves shoes and lives in San Francisco where she can finally buy the shoes she wants that actually fit her feet. She likes big shoes, little shoes, red shoes, blue shoes, and people who wear shoes. 

Cynthia J. Newcomer: is a loud, proud fat dyke living in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition to her fat activism and member­ship in D.C.’s Big Beautiful Lesbians group, she works with D.C. White Lesbians and Bisexual Women Against Racism Everywhere (DCLARE). Having recently been fired by a feminist organization, she is writing an article about so-called progressive non-profits and how they treat their workers in ways that contradict their alleged social change missions. If you have any stories to share, Please look her up in the phone book in Takoma Park, MD. 

Candida: is soon leaving San Francisco & moving out to Michigan with her sweet delivery-boy/farm-girl. Wish her luck and please send her mail! She’ll miss all the amazing FaT GiRLs she’s come to know and love here. 

Elana Dykewomon‘s: historical novel about Jewish lesbians, Beyond the Pale, is finally going to press, and will be avail­able in the spring of 1997. Her recent book of poetry, Nothing Will Be As Sweet As the Taste, is now in bookstores. She was among the editors of Sinister Wisdom for eight years and encourages you to support SW under the editorship of Margo Mercedes Rivera and Jacqueline Miranda. 

Judith Black: is a working class butch dyke, recently relocated out to suburbia with her butch woman, Kathy, and her butch poodle, Butchie 

Kebo: is a multi-lingual poet, new to strip­ping, with a fat cat too. 

Lara Michelle: is in search of a waist­length cotton candy blond wig and gold glittered 5″ heels so she can become the biggest, tackiest, Dolly Parton look-alike this side of the Mississippi. 

Laura Johnston: is a nice Scottish girl who always looks both ways before cross­ing the street. 

Pandoura: wears high heeled, lace up, come-fuck-me pumps to lure butches by night. By day she teaches english, sci­ence, math and history to hormonal youths while wearing her heavy soled combat boots. 

Lynn Stone: is a bi-costal photographer babe who has been taking pictures of fat girls for years. Shoes are a new thing for her however. 

Margo Mercedes Rivera: a butch lncaJew made in Mayami one humid night between the avocado and mango trees, lives to pleasure her allnight sexy wife and make wild art with her. 

Mary Anderson: paints on chairs and sculpture, does comix, self-portraits, and other art. For work she does singing telegrams and massage and she’s always available for hire. Mary is from the East Coast and will live forever in San Francisco 

Mary Frances Platt: is a sleazy, sexy, fat femme radical crip activist on wheels in search of women to fight and fuck with on the frontlines of disability and class oppression. 

Max Airborne loves you. (Rates negotiable.) 

Nevada-Maria: is a professional gambler who has been know to put a word on a page. 

Ribs: loves to stomp in her boots and to have someone’s wicked high heels standing next to her dress blacks. 

Selena: is on sabbatical. 

Sondra Solovay: is trying desperately to finish her book about fat discrimination and the legal system, searching for a job in the domestic violence or consumer pro­tection fields, and nursing FaT GIRL with her blood. She advocates the wearing of red lace stockings at all times. 

Susannah: has packed up her [text cut off]

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