The ever-growing bio page

Title (as given to the record by the creator): the ever-growing bio page
Date(s) of creation: June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
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Across the top of the page, the title, “the ever-growing bio page” is written in bold, clunky, lowercase text. Below are two columns of plain text with paragraphs separated by a space. Each paragraph names an author in the zine in bold font, followed by a description in plain text. There are a few redacted/blacked-out paragraphs or words throughout the page. At the bottom right hand side of the page, the page number and zine title are listed.
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the ever-growing bio page

Amiee has been writing since 1993, and hopes to keep her sanity as well as food on the table, money in her pocket, and girly-girls on her arm. She currently lives in Vanillaville, U.S.A. (aka Northhampton).

April Miller would like to thank Sally, Edith, and Marilyn for their help with the Gear Queen column. (And she sends kisses to all the rest of you!)

Barbarism, um er never finishes her sentences and on bad days feels like a freak and on good days feels like a freak. (And thanks her awesome housemates Lee, Jess, Anna, Farmer, and Malt for playing way loud music and putting up with all the commotion that FaT GiRL generates…) She also didn’t get her personal in on time (bad girl) and is looking for someone to teach her how to flirt and be a better slut.

Bertha likes being the kitchen slut because she loves hot dishes, feeding people and playing with knives.

Betty Rose Dudley is a Bay-area cybersurfing slut originally from Missouri. She can be reached by e-mail at or Feel free to comment on any of her writing or to start a discussion about almost anything. 

Candida just wants dyslexics to note that she and [redacted] are separate entities! (Though a force to reckon with when we’re nott. Heh.)

Cath Thomspon: Bitch Goddess extraordinaire, e-mail: The name says it all (well, *most* of it, anyway).

Charlene is a rad, bi, Sesame-Street-loving, girl/queen who has been known to stick food up her nose. She has lived in SF for less than a year and is happier than a pig in shit to submit to FaT GiRL. 

Charlotte Cooper: I tend to sink into bed with a mug of cocoa, but being depressed doesn’t stop me from fantasising about having my arse fucked by a big butch dreamboat. 

Christine is a giantess, little girl, smart as a whip, and terrified brazen confessor of secrets. She has walked over 1700 dirty San Francisco miles in the last 15 months and weighs over 300 pounds, so there. 

Crystal Mason, [in different, more type-writer-y font] wild pig of the desert, [return to normal font], doubles as a theater production diva, an HIV counselor, and cutie pie at large.

Dana Blumrosen is a small, butch, fat-femme-fetishist who currently resides in Santa Cruz, exchanging needles and selling books. 

[id: the next paragraph has been blacked out to be redacted]

Dorothy Allison: Born in Greenville, South Carolina, she now lives in Northern California with her partner Alix Layman, and her son, Wolf Michael. Her novel Bastard Out of Carolina, was a finalist for the 1992 National Book Award, and won both the Ferro Grumley and Bay Area Reviewers Awards for fiction. The novel has appeared in translation in French, German, Greek, Spanish and Italian. A chapbook of Allison’s performance work: Two or Three Things I know for Sure, will be published by Dutton in September, 1995. Her second novel, Cavedweller, is forthcoming, as is a movie version of her first novel, Bastard Out of Carolina

Fish is a flamboyant drag queen intellectual torchsinger and student who is compiling a book of Brat Attack while we write about her. 

[id: the next paragraph has been blacked out to be redacted]

Jill Posener’s work speaks for itself. 

Karen W. Stimson is a middle-aged 400-something pound radical fat byke [sic] and rugged individualist – writer, artist, polemicist, herstorian, archivist, third generation gourmet cook and Born Troublemaker who has been a thorn in NAAFA’s side (or other parts) for 25 years. She codirects Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem with her male partner, and dreams of a fat feminist community in the wastelands of Connecticut. You can email her at

[id: the next paragraph has been blacked out to be redacted]

Laura Johnston will sniff no panty before its time. 

[id: the next paragraph has been blacked out to be redacted]

Laura Winton is a 30 year-old activist and publisher of the Hairy-Legged-Man-Hating-Feminist-Gazette. She’s sick of patriarchy, and is fighting back every chance she gets, all the while writing poetry and plays and working crap jobs to pay the rent. 

Lea Arellano: Chicana intellectual, writer, truth-teller, and agitator. Living and learning in Berkeley, California. 

Lila R lives in Berkeley where she makes sculptures of fat women out of clay and works on her novel – a subversive western. She encourages large women everywhere to take off their clothes.

Lori Selke is a voluminous reader, pun intended. She currently lives in Chicago and needs a better job and an excuse to move out to the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work is forthcoming in the anthology The Second Coming. A big, friendly, butch bi leatherperson, a friend recently labeled her “a stubborn cuss” in a complimentary tone. 

Maria Cimino is a transplanted New Yorker who thinks being thousands of miles closer to Las Vegas makes up for the lack of bagels. 

Marian Bailey will be turning 40 this year and is happily partnered in the east bay. A multicultural, multi-ethnic person, she often feels pushed and pulled into small, constricted spaces.

Max Airborne is seriously enjoying her recent state of unemployment, but is on the lookout for interesting methods of income she can do in between drawing and doing her daily Fat Girl chores. 

Oso is a stone butch Chicana who loves her wife and thinks her cat rules. 

Rebeccah never thought of herself as a true artist until her photos were censored from an exhibit in a Santa Cruz women’s bookstore. She lives in SF, and is always interested in new models: P.O. Box 425574, SF, CA 94142. 

Selena eats, drinks, sleeps and reads, and doesn’t do vanilla. 

Sisters of Size was formed in 1986 out of a need for the fat lesbians of the Greater Seattle area to meet in a safe space. We meet monthly for swims, potlucks, networking, and making new friends. We also go camping, eat in restaurants in groups, have parties, and in general, enjoy the company of other fat lesbians. Many life-long friendships have been made through this group. 

Sondra Solo is a total freak working undercover as a law student. 

Syndee Branton is a quintessential pisces from hell who can be reached at

Tristan Nathe is a loud and relentless fat activist (even though she can also be a very shy femme). She’s currently devoting all of her time and energy to labor organizing, and is trying to figure out where all these things meet.

Val & Steph met between the sheets of a local tabloid and haven’t come up for air yet! Living in the SOMA, they enjoy their wide circle of friends, perverts and saints.

Vicki (“Vyk”) Hodges is a recently “out” dyke who thrills to embrace all that lesbianism has to offer. She is an amateur movie critic and cat-lover extraordinaire who also enjoys “sick” humor and trivial discourse in her spare time. 

Wolfie: Pagan priest, activist, switch, mother, trouble. [id: inline, a little black explosion symbol]