Women I’d Like to Meet

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Women i’d like to meet
Date(s) of creation:  June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Max Airborne
Physical description:
A zine page with a collage of black and white images
Reference #: FG3-025
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Women I’d Like to Meet

by Max Airborne

A vertical text reading “women i’d like to meet” in the left top corner.

To the right of this, Six white people are sitting posed forward for the camera, the words “the fat dykes in the circus”. ‘van dyke alton is handwritten on the photograph beneath the farthest right person’s feet.

Underneath, a vertical portrait of a black person is featured underneath, their face beaming and a kufi hat upon their head, their name, “toshi reagon” written in the lower left hand corner in white, a text runs parallel up the side of this portrait reading “photo by susan wilson.”

To the right of this is a horizontal photograph of a busty white person sitting on a bench or bed whilst gazing down at an object in their hands. There is a decorative plate displayed int the upper right corner of the photo. The name “edith massey ” is written in the bottom left corner. The first name is written in black, the second white.

A circular cartoon logo is depicted immediately to its right, it reads “hothead, with the H on fire (in black), PAISAN (in white). The rest of the circles text continuing on the bottom reading “homocidal lesbian terrorist” in thin black writing. In the center there is a lesbian wearing a DIY muscle tee reading “Huge n happy ok?”, a devilish grin decorating their face with wide open eyes.

In the center of the page three black women in mid length form fitting dresses which have sashes attached at the hip, are posed together in song with the title “marie adams & three tons of joy”. In front of a microphone, their forms are cut out from their original background isolating their bodies on the white page.

To the left of this a vertical image with the text “venus of fat!so?” written at the bottom in a black heavy font. Above it a drawing of the venus of willendorf with a short cropped haircut and a leather jacket is depicted. Copyright 1994 Marylin Wann & Debora Iyall

And to the right, a vertical portrait of a person with the name edith massey (in black) in the lower right corner. Their hair is done up with a crown adorning it along with dangling bejeweled earrings, thin eyebrows and a full lip. Their right hand is raised as the fabric of their dress cascades down their arm. The background of the image is blurry and obscured.

Beneath this a vertical portrait of a white child with a blonde bowl cut, they face the right smiling with teeth, wearing a tee shirt. In the background a figure is wearing a skirt/ dress and heels, to the left, another figure wearing slacks obscured, their trunks and heads are not visible from the angle of the photo.

To the right we are shown a small circular portrait of Edith Massey, they are eating food with shut eyes at a table, left hand holding the plate while their right feeds their mouth. Their hair is done up and jewelry adorn their neck and wrists, a figure is seen to the left, their arms entering the frame, their right hand behind her head and left hovering before the plate. By Max is written in bold black text below it.

To the right of this, the concluding image with the text “Nomi Lamm” in the bottom left corner, shows a person facing the left, brow furrowed, with brown hair and fair skin. The words “NO FAT CHICKS” written across their chest, the portrait is from the chest up. heartNOMYXOheart is handwritten in white on the bottom right corner.