The Adventures of FAT CHICK

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  The Adventures of FAT CHICK
Date(s) of creation:  June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Laura Winton
Physical description:
A column-shaped comic is on the left of the page. On the right are two advertisements: the top using a photo and the bottom including a drawn sketch. 
Reference #: FG3-054
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The Adventures of Fat Chick

by Laura Winton

The left column of the page is a comic in four black and white panels, drawn in a stick person and clip art style. 

Panel 1 shows a computer-drawn stick person shouting at a computer-drawn round person (with curly hair and an oval for the body instead of a stick) “Hey, You’re Fat!” in a squared dialogue bubble. The round person has storm clouds and lightning in their thought bubble, and a frowning face. 

Panel 2 showsthe frowning Round person tossing a comic-style bomb (with a skull and crossbones on it and a burning fuse) at Stick person. A clip-art pine tree has been added to the right of the panel. 

Panel 3 shows a comic-style sound effect with a large and jagged “Kaboom!” balloon across the panel, and a grinning skull and crossbones in the bottom right corner. 

Panel 4 shows a broken stick person in parts on the bottom right of the panel, with Xs for eyes. The clipart pine tree is now in the background. A smiling Round person sings “Hey, You’re Dead” in an oval dialogue bubble with musical notes dancing. 

The right column of the page has 2 rectangular black and white ads. 

The top ad is a photo of a tightly corseted fat hip, waist, torso, and arm. The lacing of the corset weaves down the left of the photo, with the laces tied in a large bow at the waist. The corset appears white, almost shining against the person’s black clothes and a black background. A lighter fat arm mirrors the curves of the corset, hand resting upside down against the fat black curve of hip jutting out from below the corset. The fat arm has a tattoo wrapping around the upper arm. Scrolled across the shoulder, above the corset is the script text “Bertha”. Below the corset, across the hips, are the words “Custom Corsets & Fantasy Attire” followed by the phone number 510-428-4917.

The bottom ad has a line drawing of a person from behind looking to the left, wearing what looks like a mohawk, sunglasses, a motorcycle jacket, and jeans, cut off just below the hip. Across the jacket are stenciled the words “Fat Dyke Chicks Rule”. To the left of the image are the details: XXXXL, 50/50 c/p, White on Black T with very RED “Fat Dyke Chicks RULE”, $15 + $2 ship. Below the line drawing is the text: “We love the looks we get wearing these shirts and the way we feel wearing them. So do our friends: straight ones, skinny ones, guys, femmes, and especially Fat Dyke Chicks like ourselves. Checks, money orders, real estate deeds to: R.M. Donovan, P.O. Box 501,  N. Andover, MA 01845-0501. Write us! desire@apocolypse. org.”