Crystal, Wild Pig of the Desert

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Crystal, Wild Pig of the Desert
Date(s) of creation:  June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Crystal Mason, Laura Johnston, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Four zine pages with black and white photographs
Reference #: FG3-018-021-Crystal
Links:  [ PDF ]

[image description: A black and white photograph fills most of the page: A bald, Black, small-fat, butch dyke in their 30s stands in front of a large stand of succulents with twisting, tentacle-like, serrated leaves. They’re grinning with closed lips that hold a cigarette, while their hands hold a huge scythe in front of them – one hand on the long wooden handle that comes to their shoulder, the other hand holding the long narrow metal blade that’s attached at a 90-degree angle. The scythe frames their large breasts that hang down in a white tank top that’s tucked into black leather pants. Their face has two metal rings – one hangs from their septum down over their upper lip, the other hangs beneath it from their lower lip. In the bottom right corner is the word “crystal” in big, black letters in a messy font. In the lower left corner, “18 FaT GiRL.”]

[image description: Two black and white photographs. The larger of the two shows Crystal, a bald Black dyke with facial piercings, in a bubble bath, viewed looking down from above. Their hands are behind their head, elbows pointed out to the sides, revealing the hair under their arms, as they look directly at the camera. Their dark skin glistens from the soapy water, their large round breasts float up above the soap, a rectangular pendant, maybe a dog tag, on a chain around their neck, resting between their breasts. Also poking up above the bubbles are the pooch of their belly and one bent knee. The tub is sunken and surrounded by tile, which has a bottle, a soap holder, and bubbles that have escaped the bath. To the right is a smaller photo of Crystal seated in a chair, wearing a long, white bathrobe that hangs open. They look relaxed, one robed elbow resting on the kitchen table while their hand holds their slightly tilted head. One of their legs is up, fully bare, their calf resting on the table. The space between their open legs is in shadow. Beneath the photo in a dark, messy font it says “photos by laura johnston.” In the bottom right corner is the page number: “FaT GiRL 19.”]

[image description: Two black and white photographs of Crystal, a naked and bald-shaven Black dyke with a poochy belly and  large, low-hanging breasts. In the first photo, Crystal is drying off with a dark towel outside the bath. One leg is up, the foot out of view. Their far hand holds the towel up slightly above their head, the towel is blurry, in motion. Behind Crystal is a large window with multiple panes, showing  trees and bright light outside. In the second photo Crystal is laying naked on a dark wood floor. The camera is positioned above Crystal’s head, which is at the bottom of the frame and in the foreground, with Crystal’s eyes looking up at the camera. They are laying butt to the floor, leaned back on their elbows, with their breasts hanging to their sides, a rectangular pendant resting in the area between. Crystal’s belly has two rolls, and their thin legs are gently parted, one bent at the knee, a small bush visible beneath their belly. At the bottom of the page is the page number: “20 FaT GiRL.”]

[image description: At the top of the page, in big messy font, “wild pig of the desert.” Beneath that, one large black and white photograph of Crystal, a naked, bald, Black dyke visible from mid-belly up, seated in a living room. They are holding one of their large breasts in both hands and pulling it up to their mouth. Their teeth are biting down hard on their nipple, as they smile ferociously, septum ring hanging down to their upper lip, eyes looking playfully at the camera. At the bottom of the page is the page number: “21 FaT GiRL.”]