Dinner with April

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  
Date(s) of creation:  February, 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:  Black and white scan of four pages from a zine with printed photos
Reference #:  FG2-033-036
Links: [ PDF ]

[image description: Viewed from above, April, a superfat Black femme, poses as a sumptuous main course dressed in black lace, her body splayed across a long dining table. The table is covered in white linen and elegantly set for a fine, multi-course meal for one. April’s on her back, her left arm draped toward the place setting, where there is a first course of something in a shallow bowl – perhaps oysters? Her facial expression is soft, her eyes sensuously inviting the meal to begin. Elegant text surrounding the photo says: “Dinner with April,” and “Photographed by Laura Johnston.”]

[image description: The centerfold is shot at an angle horizontally and shows April, a fat Black femme from the waist up, laying on her back on a hard surface in a softly lit room. She wears a black corseted top that stops at her ribcage, leaving her breasts and chest revealed. Her right hand pinches her right nipple and her left arm is out of view. Her chest is dappled with flower petals and she smiles serenely with her eyes closed and thick, dark hair pooling around her.]

[image description: Close up – Between April’s spread legs, a black lacy garment is slit down the middle to offer access, and a perfect frame for a view of April’s fingers between the folds of her labia, her thumb resting on the hair above her clit.]

[image description: The camera zoomed out, with April lying on a bed, still with her hand between her legs but her fingers hidden from view beneath her exposed belly. Her large breasts spill out over her black corset as she is slightly propped up by her other arm. Her head tilts down toward the bed, eyes closed and a smile on her lips.]

[image description: The dining table viewed from above, with the place setting intact. Rose petals are scattered around it, and the otherwise empty tablecloth is in disarray. Elegant text above the image says, “Care for the dessert menu?”]