Armchair Shopping

Title: Armchair Shopping
Date(s) of creation: February 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  Selena, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
One zine page with 3 narrow columns of listings and two display ads.
Reference #: FG2-065-Clothing
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Armchair Shopping

Catalog reviews by Selena

Send us catalogs! We want to know where you shop and why, so we can spread the word here in our shopping guide for fat girls. So stuff those leftover catalogs in an envelope and mail ’em to FaT GiRL, XXXXX, San Francisco, CA 94114. And if you’ re feeling really inspired, write a few lines about why each particular catalog floats your boat. 

Big Stitches 
San Pablo, CA 94806 
(510) XXX-XXXX
Custom-made swimsuits in all large sizes. Nylon/Lycra in a wide range of solids and prints. One-piece, two-piece, various styles. Basic suit costs $70, special fabrics, extra fea­tures, $20 more.

large and super sizes
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295
Conservative, work and party drag in sizes 14-36 and 1X-5X (I’ll never figure out these sizing systems) made out of polyester and rayon. Mostly not too butt-ugly, except you gotta see the leopard-print poly-chiffon dresses. Dresses are $90-150, separates $55- 65.

For You 
Tom Spiegel 
Chicago, IL 60609 
Sizes 14-24/1X-3X. Mostly plain or “classic” clothes. Nothing terribly ugly or exciting, but some good basic stuff. Leggings $30, dresses $70-100, skirts and pants $60-80. 

Intimate Appeal 
Arizona Mail Order Company, Inc. 
Tucson, AZ 85726 
Terrifyingly tacky nightgowns, pajamas, and (oh dear) loungewear, in sizes Small to 3X, average prices, I suppose, not that I know anyone who dresses like this. However, they also have a good selection of bras in bigger sizes, some styles up to 48G. Prices for bras are $20-30 for the most part. This catalog also carries prostheses and other “mastecto­my items.” 

Where fashion meets value for size 14 & up 
Indianapolis, lN 46283 
Let’s see, polyester floats, pantsuits, skinny models. Sizes 14-3X. Pretty cheap (dresses $30-60) and there are actually a few scattered decent pieces in with the scariness. 

Sally’s Place 
Sausalito, CA 94966 
Cool lingerie in sizes 1X-4X! Bustiers, panties, stockings, garters, catsuits, French maid’s outfits, shown on actual gorgeous fat models. Bustier-panty-stocking sets $65-95, catsuits $75, bodysuits $45. Also hats, shoes, extra-large sequined pasties, and various het­sex novelties.*