Letters: From the FaT GiRL Mailbox

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  From the FaT GiRL Mailbox
Date(s) of creation:  February 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 two zine pages with the FaT GiRL logo in the corner of the first page and underlaid on the second, printed in black and white
Reference #:  FG2-002-003-Letters
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From the FaT GiRL Mailbox


Hey I got my FG today (20 mins ago to be exact)! This zine is beyond everything this girl here could ever dream of, I intend to grow old with it. Have you ever looked at a piece of art/trash/life and seen yourself in it? Well I have and damn I am beautiful!!!!

Seriously, I cannot begin to thank the women who put this wonderful new cre­ation together. The Goddess in all her guises is surely smiling down upon them. This zine is indeed a political act. It’s full of attitude that makes no apologies, is not ashamed, knows itself, knows laughter and isn’t afraid to let the world know. I can’t begin to describe what this zine means to me and how it touched me emotionally. I know what it’s like to be invisible because of my size. Reading this zine was like finding a chorus of sisters who alternately sang me rage and pain and laughter and love and fuse and all the little harmonies that we sing in life. I don’t know whether to cry for joy, get orgasmic, scream, laugh or what. 

yours in abundance, SB


My fatgirlfriend and myfatself loved your zine! We read every word and gazed at every image … numerous times! Some things we liked, and some we didn’t … but it was great to see such variety and breadth (and variety of breadth!) in one zine! We applaud you, and we’ll buy you. So please, keep ’em coming!


I was really psyched to receive the first issue of fat girl, but a little disappointed at the content once I got to look at it. I in no way mean to put down or criticize the women who put in all the work they did towards putting together fat girl. I think it is really a terrific magazine and obviously took a LOT of work. I guess I just want to raise a few things as suggestions for the future.

I would like to see more pictures of femme women and more pictures of fat women doing things other than fucking or eating (feeding each other). (My lover is a fem and I like watching her no matter what she is doing. She is always hot and beautiful to me.) Also, I would like to see sexual pictures that include non s/m type scenes as well as s/m.

I guess, my reaction to fat girl, based on its pictures and erotic writings, was that it was designed to appeal to a nar­row audience, rather than to a more diverse fat dyke community. This disappointed me because fat girI is the first and only magazine of its kind that I know of and It seems a shame to leave out a lot of fat dykes who are political and fat positive.


I think my favorite part of the first issue, aside from the sexy Santa Cruz pictures were the photos of the women feeding each other. So pornographic!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of big women eating, happily eating, much less feeding each other with such obvious enjoyment. Those pictures just shot an electric current through me.

Breakthrough, sweethearts, marvelous breakthrough. When do we get some recipes?

Dorothy Allison

I spent all of last night reading your ‘zine, Fat Girl. It made me laugh, it made me cry. It made my clit sing. Thanks for putting your stuff out there! I hope to see more and more. Maybe then, things will start to change.

A lover of phat grrls, fat girls, dangerous dykes, and voluptuous vulpines, 


Hey Gals-

The zine looks great. I’m so stoked that I could be part of such a great, excellent piece of publishing – I read it from cover to cover. It made me excited – in many different ways. I look forward to more – more – more! Thank you so much for all the work and dedication. Fat Girls Rule!

Love and respect, BS

Dear bodacious bountiful babes and dynamic dykes,

Just finished reading FG #1 & am totally blown away! This is the best zine I have ever seen, queer, fat or any combination of them. I loved seeing “myself ” in these pages, all these big and strong women – I’m in love with everyone in it! The interview with Max & E was great, both of them said so many things I’ve thought but never verbalized. Great tattoos, too (and in the Santa Cruz Girls pictorial). Max is so cute, but I wanna­ marry E! Mmmwwah!

The roundtable discussion was outstanding, covering so many subtopics well and in non-superficial ways. EVERY FAT WOMAN SHOULD READ THIS ARTICLE. Hell, everybody in the country should. All those photos of women feeding/eating sexily really made me hot & bothered too.

Look, I’m a Scorp. I mean what I say, I say what I mean. It’s not like me to gush on about stuff, even things I really like, but damn if FG isn’t the bitchinest thing I’ve ever seen. YOU GO, GIRL!

Don’t stop! You represent a major demographic that’s been voiceless until now ­–

I hope you’ll have more material streaming in than you can handle. I promise to try to write something up, and will definitely send a booty shot or three. Thank you so much for making FG a reality!


Dear Fat Girls,

I am bored by cocks and dildo photos. I can see women being coerced to lick men’s shoes or suck dicks off literally in straight porn, or figuratively at work, on the streets in day to day life. I loved the spread on Elizabeth and Max, they are too cute and truly wild. The interview with Judy Freespirit was a very good slice of her life and thought. The tattoos were great and the Roundtable was very valid. The Jezebel story was brutally passionate fantasy and the ending line superb. I would like to do some writing for you about piercing rituals, scarification, and gender bending. If there are other Fat Girls who would like to share their experience about body transformation with me I’d be honored. I am a prince among women. I didn’t get to finish the first issue. I will buy it soon, but I couldn’t wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Subscription enclosed. Please keep up the great work.


Actually, there aren’t any cocks or dildos (or men) pictured in FG #1. If you’re referring to the centerfold, the photo is of a woman being fisted. -FG

Dear Fat Girls,

I would like to point out that I find something in your zine very offensive and I mean this in all seriousness.As a girl who has a fetish for being a miner, how dare you tell me that I may not read this? [See our lovely masthead.] Is this discrimination or what?! Is it the lamp you take objection to, the coal dust, the beautiful clothing, pray tell?!!I will be taking this matter to higher authorities. SOLIDARITY FOR THE MINERS!!


Dear Fat Girls,

You asked for feedback, so here I go. I received issue #1 in the mail just yesterday, but have already read through it three times. It’s been quite an experience. Let me introduce myself. My name is Debra, and I’m a 23-year-old fat dyke from the Midwest . I’m a member of LFAN – which is where I heard about Fat Girl – and NAAFA. While I’d like to be involved more, I’m currently stuck in a small town that has absolutely nothing to offer me in the way of community or support. I’m grateful to have my connections through the mail.

Before I received this zine, I would never have considered myself naive. Sure, I grew up in a small town and had limited experiences, but I thought I had a grip on the world. I think I’ve changed my mind. It all began with the photos on page 3. EEK! People really do that stuff?? I guess so, since more photos and articles followed. Wow. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Part of me is just shocked, but another is intrigued, maybe even a bit turned on???

What I like most about Fat Girl #1 is “i was a fat  kid”, ”Oh My God It’s Big Mama,” “Fat Girl Roundtable,” “No Excuses,” and “Resources. ” That’s stuff this chick gets. As a whole I’m quite pleased with Fat Girl. It’s about time fat dykes had some space of our own. I’m anxiously awaiting the next issue.

Candidly yours,


P.S. April Miller is a totally hot babe.

Horny postal workers?

Dear Fat Girl,

I just wanted to write because I received my 1st issue in the “opened” version, thanks to our curious “accidental” postal workers… and I was wondering if y’all heard of any other subscribers who had a similar “stamp of approval” from dear post-perp?!! I’d be delighted to think it was just a lonely postlady looking for fun, but…hmmph!

yours faithfully, 


Yes, we’re sorry to report that several people have contacted us because they never received the zines we sent them. We’ve decided to try mailing them without the logo, in the hopes that the packages will draw less attention.

Subscribers who don’t receive their copies of Fat Girl, please contact us and we’ll try again. -FG

We love getting mail! Send your letters to Fat Girl, 2215-R Market St. #193, San Francisco, CA 94114, or email them to airborne@sirius.com. Consent to publish your letter is assumed unless you specify otherwise.

Transcribers note: The second page of text also includes a text box with general information about the zine. The text below is surrounded, in bold letters, by the statement: Fat Girl is a Political Act

Fat Girl is a zine for and about Fat Dykes. Fat Girl seeks to create a broad­ based dialogue that both challenges and informs our notions of Fat-Dyke identity. We encourage dialogue based on our lived experiences as fat women, recognizing that our lives are various and multifaceted. Fat Girl is produced by an eclectic collective of Fat Dykes. We come in all shapes and sizes; from diverse ethnic cultures and different class backgrounds. Fat Girl is a political act; we want your participation. Submit your daily experiences getting from here to there; your fictional explorations; your whimsical reminiscences; your sarcastic diatribes; your songs of laughter and tears of anger and pain; your non-linear meanderings; your artistic endeavors: wood cuts, drawings, photos, rubber stamps, cartoons; your hard-hitting investigative journalism; your hot sexual forays from the perverse to the sublime; your tales of gender play; news; reviews; announcements; letters; gossip and encourngement .

Fat Girl #2 was produced by collective members April Miller, Barbarism, Bertha Pearl, Candida Albicans, Max Airborne, Selena, and Oso. Staff photographer: Laura Johnston. Logo by Fish. Layout by Max & Barb.

Other contributors to this issue: Betty Rose Dudley, Cath Thompson, Charlotte Cooper, Dina Palivos, Elizabeth Stark, Fish, Jasmine Marah, Judy Freespirit, Junkyard, Lea Arellano, Malaina Poore, Osa Shade, Sally Hopkins, Sondra Solovay, Steph, Syndee Branton, Val.

Thanks to A Different Light (San Francisco), Deva Berman, Dorothy Allison, Gretchen Glass, Jennifer Brooks, Jess & Lee for great phone, John Halbig, Karen Stimson, Kiki Carr & Cuir Underground, Marilyn Wann & Fat!So?, Martha Mestl, Michelle Gillaspie, Muffdive, Red Dora’s, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, and all the great fat dykes we’ve met along the way.

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Submissions: We accept original work by women that’s relevant to fat dykes. We prefer written submissions that are typed, drawings that are in ink (not pencil), and photos that are black and white. Please include a BRIEF bio with your stuff, and model releases for photos (if you don’t have them, we’ ll send them to you).

Text deadline for ads and submissions is April 1, 1995.

This issue ©1995 Fat Girl Publishing. All rights belong to individual artists.

Disclaimer: Some of the work published here may depict unsafe sex. This is for artistic purposes only, and is not intended to promote unsafe sex.

Fat Girl is not to be read by miners. 

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