Who are all these babes, anyway? 

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Who are all these babes, anyway?
Date(s) of creation:  February 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 a zine page with the FaT GiRL logo in the lower right corner, printed in black and white
Reference #:  FG2-067-Bios
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Who are all these babes, anyway? 


Betty Rose Dudley: I’m a fat, working-class dyke from Missouri. When it comes to sex, I like vanilla, with a little topping 8-). 

Cath Thompson: Bitch Goddess Extroardinaire. Single. catspinner@aol.com

Charlotte Cooper, 25, from London, England, reconvened the Fat Women’s Group in 1992 and has been an active participant ever since. She’s current­ly studying for a postgraduate degree where she’s exploring fat politics and she’s made a video: “Growing Up Fat 1983-1990.” 

Dina Palivos is a virile Greek man trapped inside a beautiful femme’s body. She’s sharp, silly, and avail­able for meaningless affairs. 

Elizabeth Stark: Elizabeth hates short descriptions of who she is but will settle for raging anarcha-femi­nist femme dyke with a lust for words and butches. She is currently living in New York City and work­ing on a novel. 

Fish: Having already succeeded at scoring brownie points with (and guest appearances in the dreams of) several fat girls, Fish continues to woo us with her great drawings. She’s out of SF while we write this, but can sometimes be found about town with a nasty grin or girl. 

Fu is a fat pussy/kitty slut who loves to be held down and scratched, especially with long fingernails. She is tongue maiden to her beloved Monkey and friend to anyone with a lap. 

Jasmine Marah: Jasmine is a Jewish writer, a politi­cal lesbian of over 20 years, a mother of 2 grown children, and a professional lesbian matchmaker. 

Judy Freespirit: Judy is a founding member of the Fat Underground, and a long-time fat activist. 

Herlinda Lea Arellano: Chicana border dyke agita­tor. Writer, activist, scholar currently residing in Berkeley, Califas. Lover of womin of all sizes, ages, abilities and colors. 

Malaina Poore: Malaina learned to masturbate from age 14 from a boy who “showed her what to do.” She has since progressed to women and inanimate objects. 

Osa Shade is a mild-mannered lover of life by day and an erotic adventurer by night who has been writing sometimes passionate, sometimes desperate erotic poetry to wome she loves since age 13. She is now 42. 

Sal is also known as the safe sex bag lady. 

Sondra Solovay: Sondra is a performance artist currently operating undercover as a law student to get material on the erosion of kindness and humani­ty in the ever-darkening, ironically named justice system. 

Syndee Branton: Syndee is a quiet, radical femme­dyke geek who works and plays hard, and can be reached at u_branton@venus.twu.edu. 


Miss April Miller wrote Butch Baiting about experi­ences she had at the robust and rowdy Fat Dyke Dances in Oakland, CA. (And they say that fat girls don’t have any fun!) 

Barbarism aka “Boot”: femme nerd who can usually be found slaving away at the pages of Fat Girl or writing smut or hanging out with her cat Malt or dreaming about insects and aliens and sex and can be reached via email at  XXXXX@advanced.com. 

Bertha: redhead, big tits, talented hands, Brooklyn. 

Candida is a very nice girl, really. 

Laura Johnston is a big-time photo geek and some­time barber. She takes lots of pictures of graveyards, cats, and herself, but really likes photo-ing fat girls best. 

Max Airborne is wanted in 49 states (and then some), and also goes by the names Hans and Dot. She resides with a cult of anarchist sluts who have adopted her last name and given themselves blue mohawks to worship one of her former incar­nations. 

Selena lives in Berkeley as a pagan leather-dyke craftswoman with purple hair and-on happy days-a big, purple butt to match. 

Oso is a Chicana stone butch into hot femmes and tattoos. Love my kitty!*