FaT GiRL Personals

Title: FaT GiRL Personals
Date(s) of creation: February 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
One zine page with 3 narrow columns of listings and a black and white photo.
Reference #: FG2-068-Personals
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FaT GiRL Personals

YOU MUST ENJOY ENORMOUS BREASTS Or I’m not the right woman for you. Even if you like Mozart, Einstein, Ben and Jerry … Gertrude Stein, Lt. Dax and the Indigo Girls … Even if you revel in hot tubs, cold oceans and warm mouths … Even if you love dogs, rats and horses … Even if you choose gentle kisses, rough pain and non­monogamy … if you don t get into soft, gigantic, round, heavy, hanging breasts, why even bother to write? FaT GiRL Box #7. 

Do you like feeling the magic touch of expe­rienced hands slowly traveling up your lus­cious thighs, pausing only to tease and expand our pleasure? Enjoy strong arms as they wrap around you, drawing you near for my long, wet, deep kisses that transport us into the world of intense sensuous erotic adventures? Do you want a vibrant, intelli­gent lover you can laugh and cry with? Someone who wants to please you and spoil you silly? If you are a femme, over 35, and want to move in the world with an intelli­gent, independent, confident butch read on. I want to meet a beautiful femme who can reciprocate the finer gifts my love has to offer! I await your response. Come on, you deserve all the above! FaT GiRL Box #10. 

Are you a Big Bad Strong Butch? 
Are you into uniforms? Do you like to be in charge? Do you do it well? Do you like inflicting pain? Do you like Big Redheaded Sluts? FaT GiRL Box #12. 

San Francisco Fat Dyke Visitors Bureau 
Hoping for a hot, kinky fling during your next visit to San Francisco? This sexy, fat SF butch is basically married but seeking occa­sional steamy fun from out of town. FaT GiRL Box #11. 

Like to Date? I do! 
I like the tension of waiting for your phone call, and the giddy feeling of talking to you. I like going through my closet to pick out just the right outfit-over and over again. I like feeling my heart jump when your leg brushes mine under the table. Then you apologize and I say that I don’t mind … I like good food, and candlelight and flirting. I like good night kisses … A date? Thank you, I’d love to! FaT GiRL Box #9. 

House boy and girl sought to fill part time positions involving Victoriana and personal and domestic service. Standards are high, training will be extensive, and discipline, if it proves to be necessary, will be of the domes­tic or schoolroom variety. Butch/Femme couple preferred, but single applicants will be considered. Respond with a letter expressing your interest and qualifications. FaT GiRL Box #8. 

SF leather dyke looking forward to kinky play, fun, & getting to know you. FaT GiRL Box#4. 

Looking for big luscious tops. Can be sweet or bitchy, loves a good spanking. Looking for play, not marriage/girlfriend. FaT GiRL Box #6. 

Gracious femme dyke pervert household has an immediate opening for domestic servant. No prior experience necessary but applicant must be respectful, well-groomed, and will­ing. If scrubbing floors, making beds, cook­ing, serving, and holding the lube appeals to you please reply to FaT GiRL Box #3. 

Short, curvy masochist with controllable smartass tendencies wants you to push me around, beat my ass (and whatever else you please), fuck me wet and silly, and let me fuck you. If you’re interested in all or any of the above (and not marriage) please write me at FaT GiRL Box #5. 

High Heels 
Fat Femme with a large collection of high heels looking for a taller butch to wear them around with. If you’re 5’7” or over please reply. FaT GiRL Box #13. 

[image description: Closely-cropped black and white photo of a person from head to belly. They’re wearing a flannel shirt that’s open to show a lacy bustier or corset underneath. Their black leather cap has a chain across the brim, their sexy eyes peering out from underneath. They have a septum piercing and a flirtatious grin. Their face is tilted slightly to one side, their cheek resting against one relaxed-looking hand, while  In front of their lace-covered cleavage, they hold a white envelope. Written in marker on the envelope is “Dear ________, Fat Girl Personals.”]

TO ADVERTISE: Send your headline, text, name, address, phone#, and a check for $5 for the first 500 characters + 1 cent for each additional character to FaT GiRL, XXXXX  San Francisco, CA 94114. 

TO REPLY: Pencil your dream girl’s box# on the front of a stamped envelope contain­ing your reply. Enclose that envelope in another one and send it c/o FaT GiRL Personals at the above address. We will con­tinue to forward replies to all ads until fur­ther notice. 

RULES: FaT GiRL Personals are for fat dykes and the women who want them. This description is intended to include bisexual and MTF transgendered women. It does not include men. FaT GiRL is a fat-positive, diversity-positive zine. Please keep that in mind when writing your ad. We do not accept ads with personal names or street addresses. We reserve the right to refuse to print ads we find offensive. 

FaT GiRL needs YOU! 

We need help with: 

  • Distribution. Finding stores that will sell FaT GiRL and being a contact per­son for them.
  • Advertising. Finding businesses who will place ads in our pages.
  • Writing. Fiction/news/interviews/information/smut/you name it.
  • Illustration.

You need not live in San Francisco. We want to be a giant network of Fat dykes all over the world. The rewards are many: our eternal gratitude, your name in lights, and the opportunity to come into contact with amazing Fat dykes everywhere. Contact FaT GiRL at (415) XXX-XXXX.

In true love but, currently, I find immediate physical gratification far more interesting. If you have a sincere appreciation of fat femme voluptuaries and you can ‘keep up’ your end of a relationship based on flirting, eating, and long hard fucking please write FaT GiRL Box #1.