Bend Over!!!

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Bend Over!!!
Date(s) of creation:  February, 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 One black and white zine page with several photographs and a little text.
Reference #:  FG2-027-BendOver
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Bend Over!

[image description: 5 different black and white photographs arranged to fill the page. Each photo is a close up of someone’s fat ass. All five asses appear fairly light in skin tone. The first ass is wearing a black garment with a slit in it that’s long enough to show most of the ass crack, and just wide enough to show the shape of the plump rounded cheeks where they come together.  The second ass is naked with a long pendant on a cord hanging down one butt cheek. The photo is tall, the top of the crack is visible, and a dark indentation where ass cheeks meet thighs is prominent. The third ass is bent over someone’s lap, and the thighs are fully in view. Something, perhaps panties, are slightly visible at the knees. A hand from the other person is lifting the shirt to better reveal the ass, which has a large dragon tattoo on one cheek. The fourth ass is shown standing, showing some back rolls, down to the bottom of the butt cheeks. THe person is naked, and their hands, while not in view, appear to be placed on the front of their hip area. The cheeks are rather square with rounded edges, and the ass together with the small of the back forms a shape like a ripe quince beneath the back rolls. A sweet little curve graces the top of the ass crack. The fifth fat ass is shown slightly from the side – the person is bent over a bit so their hip is prominent, and the view is from their shoulder down to mid-thigh. They are wearing a black bra, and some other black fabric is visible, suggesting they’ve hiked up their dress for the photo. Along the bottom of the page is text: “Chins? Everybody’s got one or two … or three! Bearded or not – send us a photo of your chin for our next issue. Stroke ’em!”]