Comic: Fat Girl Fantasy #57

Title: Fat Girl Fantasy #57
Date(s) of creation: February 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  Sondra Solovay, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
A hand-drawn comic on the top half of a zine page.
Reference #: FG2-054-comic
Links: [ PDF ]

[image description: 
In a simply drawn, single panel comic titled “Fat Girl Fantasy #57” a person with short hair is seen from the back, naked from the waist down, wearing an A-line tank top. They stand in a BDSM play space. Each wall has been prepared with a variety of restraints. Name tags over each space say “Susan Powter”, “Jenny Craig”, and “Richard Simmons.” With one hand on their chest and the other working their crotch, the person fantasizes while gazing at an assortment of available paddles and floggers hanging on the wall.  The comic is by Sondra Solovay. ]