Category: FaT GiRL 7 — May, 1997

FaT GiRL #7 cover

FaT GiRL 7 cover
photo by Lynn Stone


The FaT GiRL collective asks for support.

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Readers write in.

delayed response

mary frances platt on the pain of ableism.

We Tried, We Fucked Up, We Apologize

A FaT GiRL contributor seeks accountability from the FaT GiRL collective regarding wheelchair access.

Butch: A Round Table

4 butches chew the fat in the FaT GiRL 7 Roundtable. Featuring Oso, A.M. Salt, Judith Black and Margo Mercedes Rivera.

Fat Watch

Compiled by Sondra Solo

Facts and Figures

Compiled by Sondra Solo

The Language of the Fat Womon

Elana Dykewomon on the prison created by idioms.

Butch Crush

Story by Candida Albicans Royale

FaT GiRL Paper Dolls

The Kitchen Slut and El Oso. By Mary Anderson

Book Reports

Nevada Maria reviews Surfer Girls and Eat Fat.



Story: Unlacing

A story by April Miller

She has a thing for shoes

Photography by Lynn Stone


Zines, organizations and events.

FaT GiRL Upcoming Events in the Worx

The FaT GiRL Events Committee needs your assistance!

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Wish List

If you’ve been wanting to get involved with Fat Girl, now is your chance.

Events: Fat Gala Past and Present

Cynthia Newcomer reviews this fat women’s gathering.


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FaT GiRL #7 back cover

Photo by Lynn Stone