Title (as given to the record by the creator): Personals
Date(s) of creation: FG 7: May 1997
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
One zine page
Reference #: FG7-067-Personals
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Would you like to meet? A new friend and penpal who is fat positive? I would. Me: lesbian feminist, Pacific Northwest Fat girrl (Canadian), 31 who celebrates our big beautifulness, likes to giggle and experience deeply moving moments. I enjoy mother nature, the ocean, birds, the trees, gardening, all kinds of music, and artistic endeavors. I am compassionate, understanding, silly, strong, dislike injustice, educated (B.A.). into healing life’s scrapes and bruises, into spirituality, (nature-based, pro-female), into just being, having a balanced life and smelling the roses over and over again, and kicking a little ass every now and then. I have a sense of humor, especially when life gets bumpy. I’ll write everyone back and look forward to meeting each of you big beautiful babes. 

FaT GiRL Box #44

Hairy New York City Butch 

32, 5’1 0 tall, 300 lbs, super busty (H cup), huge nipples. With hair, hair everywhere–legs, thighs, crotch, ass, tits, nipples–everywhere. Seeks intersting fem who likes me the way I am and would love to serve me and my strap-on. Write to me at. 

FaT GiRL Box #25

Well Yeah, I Want To Get Married…

I want the whole thing, long white dress, bridal registry, parents walking me down the aisle, a big party with dancing, and happily ever after. I also want a non-monogamous relationship, children and a house in the country, (not to mention world peace in MY lifetime, and a pair of thigh-high black leather boots. If you are looking for the high-femme girl of your dreams, why not take this gorgeous fat Bay Area babe out for a joyride (physical or virtual)? We may not suit, but we’ll have fun finding out! (And who knows, there may be an aisle in our future…)

FaT GiRL Box #45

All I’m Looking For

Is a big strong butch with a big cock who knows what s/he’s doing, likes to please a lady, and is willing to come over and fuck me hard and sweet when I need it. Bay Area. FaT GiRL Box #46


You will be passed between our four hands and two households, and forced to serve two very demanding–and very different–Mistresses.

FaT GiRL Box #47

To advertise

Send your ad, contact info, and a check for $5 plus a penny for each character over 500 to FaT GiRL Personals 2215-R Market Street, #197, SF, CA 94114. To reply: place a stamped reply addressed to the Box # of your dream girl inside another stamped envelope addressed to FaT GiRL Personals at the previous address. 


Personals are for fat dykes & the women who want them, including bi-girls & MTF women. We do ​​not print names, street or phone #’s in ads. We reserve the right not to print ads we find offensive. 

[image description: An ad with 3 small circles framing headshots of smiling fat dykes, and dotted lines moving between the circles as if to indicate they’re eyeing each other. Around them is text:

Support groups • volunteer opportunities • activism • information & referral
library • practical & emotional support


the women who want them 

everyone lusting for a healthy world


510/548-9272 (hotline) • 510/548-9288 (tty)

shattuck ave. berkeley, ca 94705 ]