FaT GiRL Paper Dolls

Title (as given to the record by the creator): FaT GiRL Paper Dolls
Date(s) of creation: May 1997
Creator / author / publisher: Mary Anderson, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
4 pages of drawings
Reference #: FG7-031-034-PaperDolls
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FaT GiRL Paper Dolls

By Mary Anderson

[Page descriptions: This is four pages of drawings meant to be cut out as paper dolls and their different outfits and items. There are two characters, and each has two pages.]

First page: [Bold text across the top: “Fat GiRL Paper Dolls by Mary Anderson. Collect them all” Then in a curly font: “The Kitchen Slut.” In the center of the page we see a full body drawing of Bertha, the Kitchen Slut, standing facing the viewer, a smile on her face. She has curly dark hair short-ish on one side, shoulder length on the other side. She’s clad in lingerie and fetish wear: A black lacy bra, lacy thong panties, a ruffled black garter belt that holds up fishnet stockings. She has a garter on one thigh, and is wearing very tall pumps with criss-cross straps across the top, She holds one arm behind her back, and the other is bent at the elbow, her hand slightly out, ready to be holding some of the other items that surround her on the page. Surrounding her are kitchen implements: a garlic press, a tea cup, a spatula, a spoon; sex toys: a heavy flogger, a riding crop; food: m&ms, truffles, grapes; and decorative elements: the kitchen slut emblem of a frying pan with a pair of pumps inside, curlicues, a string of pearls, flowers. Under one foot in the curly font it says “Brooklyn.” There are dotted lines on each side of the word, indicating where to fold to make the doll stand up. The page is signed “-MZA ‘97”]

Second page: [Drawings of the Kitchen Slut’s clothing, along with an oval filled with instructions: “The Kitchen Slut wants to play with you! Color her and her clothing. Then cut along the lines, Remember. Scissors are sharp.” Drawings of clothing all have tabs to fold for attaching to the body. They include: a crinoline skirt; shiny, black, thigh-high boots with platforms and very high heels, a corset laced in front along with a pearl necklace and a spatula in her hand, a latex or vinyl black mini skirt, and a ruffled, low-cut, see through dress, with her arm holding a flogger. Scattered words on the page say: “Gooey goodness.” “Too hot to handle!” and “Beat until creamy.”]

Third page: [Hand-drawn in graffiti style lettering at the top of the page: “El Oso.” The front-facing, full-body figure of El Oso stands in the central column of the page, in a white tank, boxers with hearts and “Big Daddy” on them, and crew socks. His arms are crossed across jis chest, his big belly pooching out above the boxers. Both upper arms have tattoos, one of the Virgen de Guadalupe, the other indiscernible. His hair is short but long enough to be greased up and back, parted on the side. He looks tough, without a smile. Along the sides of the page are tattoo flash art style drawings surrounded by flames: playing cards, a chain, a devil, a chain, a woman with long hair in a sombrero, theatrical masks, dice, a cross with a rose, an 8-ball. Beneath El Oso’s feet in graffiti-style lettering it says “Venice.” There are dotted lines on each side of the word, indicating where to fold to make the doll stand up. The page is signed “-Mary Anderson ‘97”]

Fourth page: [Drawings of El Oso’s outfits, along with an oval filled with instructions: “Color these pictures. Get Daddy to help you cut them out. Remember. Knives are sharp.” Drawings of outfits all have tabs to fold for attaching to the body. They include: A white button-down shirt with a black bow tie, black suspenders, and one arm holding out a bouquet of flowers; a white t-shirt with rolled sleeves and the small word “Daddy” on the chest, arms crossed holding a black cat, low-slung jeans with rolled cuffs, a belt and a chain wallet, and black work boots; a white t-shirt with rolled sleeves tucked into baggy khakis with a black belt, corduroy slippers, and one arm holding a pistol in front of his body, pointed at the ground, the other arm bent with his hand up forming a gang sign at his chest; a baseball cap that says “Bear;” a black vest over a white tank, hands in front of his body wearing latex gloves and pouring lube from a bottle into his hand. The word “Meow!” floats near the outfit with the cat.]