She has a thing for shoes

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  She has a thing for shoes
Date(s) of creation: FG 7: May 1997
Creator / author / publisher: Photographer: Lynn Stone, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Black and white photos
Reference #: FG7-047-055-shoes
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Page descriptions:

Page 47

One black and white photograph is on the page. Two light skinned legs are standing on a white sheet, the photo cropped as their thighs widen above their knees. They are wearing black strappy platform heels, with criss crossed straps wrapping their calves all the way to their knees. The end of the right strap is bunched and tied off at their knee, with one strap enticingly dangled and spooled on the floor. At the bottom of the picture begins the title in scripted font, ‘Elle est obsédé …’

Page 48

Three black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page, with the rest of the title in scripted font, ‘… par les chaussures.’ The upper left photo has a close up of two legs in black stockings, sitting on a patterned sheet on the floor. We can see their black heels in the foreground, both a view of the plush top of one and the shiny bottom of the shoe. Their ankles are crossed, with a hand on their calf with painted fingernails. In the background, the dimpled back of their thighs peek out from a short skirt. 

The lower left photo shows almost the full body of a light skinned fat babe, their face just off camera. Their almost naked body lies across at least eight pairs of high heels and boots. Their black bra appears to be their only clothing, as they show off a pair of pumps against the backdrop of their naked voluminous thigh.

The lower right photo shows four legs tangled together with a white sheet as the background. With feet facing towards us as the viewer, two feet wearing a flirty kitten heel with straps to the ankle where they meet a black legging. The left leg is straight, while the right leg is bent and wraps around the other person. The other person has feet facing away from us and toward the white sheet, two feet wearing an ankle boot with a heavy, thick sole. At the ankle, the boot meets white socks and then a pair of rolled jeans. The left leg is straight and trapped against the sheet by the other person’s wrapped leg. The right leg is bent and on the far side of the bodies.

Page 49

Two black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page. The top photo is filled with two black laced dress shoes. The shoes are shiny in ways that light flickers off the toes, and several points up the tongue between the laces. The shoes meet black shocks and black pants, and are upright against a black sheet on the floor.

The bottom photo is looking down on a pile of at least six different pairs of shoes in front of six pairs of standing naked calves and feet. One foot has painted toenails. One pair of legs is hairy. The shoes are a jumbled mess, but it’s possible to make out some familiar ones from other pictures – the black laced dress shoes, a lighter pointy pump, an ankle boot.

Page 50

Three black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page, with contributor information in scripted font in the lower left:

Photographer: Lynn Stone

A M Salt
April Miller
Lara Michelle
Sondra Solovay

The upper left photo has a chubby light skinned person in short hair, glasses, shorts, calf-high boots, and a muscle tee. They are sitting on a shoe fitting stool looking intently at the person across from them. They reach out to assist another light skinned person in pushing on a black shoe. This person leans back, using a tool to extend their reach to help pull on the shoe from their side. They wear jeans rolled at the cuff, a black tee, and a cap; their face is out of view. Surrounding them are another eight pairs of black shoes – several pairs of boots and laced dress shoes turned in various directions.

The upper right photo is a close up of a black boot on the shoe fitting stool. A socked foot on a light-skinned leg is either going into or coming out of the boot. A light-skinned hand is holding the sole of the boot steady.

The lower right photo zooms out with the black boot still on the shoe fitting stool, and the hand on the sole. The boot is attached to a light-skinned person in patterned shorts and a muscle tee, their head just outside of the photo. The hand on boot is attached to a light-skinned person in a black tee and cap. On the floor below, other shoes are strewn.

Page 51

Three black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page, the upper left photo has two thicker-laced shoes that appear gray or brown with a whiter heel patch. They are sticking up into the air, the feet inside them in wool variegated socks, and the edge of a cuff showing at mid-calf at the edge of the photo.

The upper right photo is two people standing on a sheet in fuzzy slippers, the left pair a lighter color and the right pair black. Both people are wearing socks with bare legs. Each have their hands crossed in front to hold a teddy bear, the one on the left appearing larger with white ears and muzzle, the one on the right appearing all black. Both appear to be wearing comfortable shorts and shirt.

The bottom photo is four pairs of black boots on bodies. The boots are arranged in a half circle with toes pointing in. Some boots are laced up, others have buckles. The pairs closest to the bottom of the photo are catching the light.

Page 52

Three black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page, with writing in scripted font across the bottom: “(She has a thing for shoes.)”

The top photo has a light-skinned ankle and foot diagonally dominating the foreground of the picture in a high heeled pump of a lighter color. The heel digs into the upper thigh of the person lying below in, creating a false impression of a belly button. The thighs are striped with the elastic of a garter belt, holding up fishnet thigh-high stockings that are extended off the edge of the photo. 

The lower left photo has a light-skinned person in honeycomb fishnets and high heeled pumps squatting over some black cloth. The pumps are shining at us.

The lower right photo shows the fishnets when they are less stretched, as the light-skinned person in heels stands and gives us a close up of their ankles and feet. 

Page 53

Two black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page, the upper photo is four pairs of shoes on bodies, arranged loosely in a half circle with toes pointing in. All are laced up boots with pointy toes. One pair appears black, another pair darker brown, a third pair light brown, and the last pair white. Three people have bare legs with their boots of light and medium skin tones, while the white pair has honeycomb fishnets.

The lower photo is a pair of heavy soled black shoes, laid out between two feet and calves in fishnets. 

Page 54

Two black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page. The upper photo is three bodies standing on concrete, calves and feet visible. The closest pair of legs on the left are in baggy stonewashed jeans, long enough to bunch at the ankles and cover the heels of the black shoes, possibly boots. The dimpled soles of the middle shoes are visible. Though the body is not visible, it seems likely that the person is kneeling and facing away from the camera. The left leg of the third person is most visible, wearing a laced-up boot with a bunched sock that ends where the calf widens.

The bottom photo is three bodies on concrete, sitting with light-skinned hands resting on bent knees, upper bodies not visible in the cut. On the left are feet in white sneakers and gray jeans, just one hand on the left knee pointing down as the right knee is off camera. On the right is one foot in a black shoe with a black sock on and a hairy light-skinned calf. The shoe is mostly hidden in shadow, and a light-skinned hand rests on the knee with a subtle downward point. In the middle are black jeans, black tennis shoes with white laces and sole. Knees are spread with light-skinned hands resting between them. The hands are shaped into some kind of sign language, perhaps forming a ‘C’ and an ‘L’ with intention. The intentionality causes review of the four visible hands across the photo, but any communication has not bene conveyed.

Page 55

Two black and white photos are placed in boxes across the page. The upper photo is two bodies lying in a bed on white sheets. One light-skinned person with shoulder length dark hair, dressed in black shirt and leggings is sitting up with their back against the headboard and pillows. Their legs are wrapped around the shoulders of another light-skinned person who lays with a head in their lap, as the seated person massages the reclined person’s head. The reclined person appears to be naked, their soft belly, breasts, and thighs are visible, and also partially covered by the seated person’s legs. The seated person rests their high heel-clad feet in the hands of the reclined person, who massages the hard soles. A pair of black boots is stationed at the right head of the bed next to the pillows. 

The bottom photo is two bodies lying in bed on white sheets, against a pile of six or eight pillows. A pair of black boots sits on the bed in the foreground on the left. The two light-skinned bodies are lying with legs entangled. The naked person on the right has their naked feet, legs, and butt most in view. Their legs are wrapped around the left leg of the clothed person, wearing black leggings and strappy black shoes. The clothed person smiles gently at the naked person who looks up to them.