Title (as given to the record by the creator): Letters
Date(s) of creation: May 1997
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Two pages with 3 columns of text and black and white images.
Reference #: FG7-002-003-letters
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An envelope addressed to FaT GiRL in San Francisco, postmarked from France, with drawings of a moving car, mountains, etc.

Hey fat girls! 

You have the best zine. We (Mike N & I) have a gift subscription and we love the thing. Great content. Best thing I’ve read since the late great Quim (England) and Wicked Women (Australia). Keep it up.


Good Riddance to Bad Lovers 

Dear FaTGiRL: 

Thank you!!! A thousand times thank you! Your magazine is like salvation to me. I am an overweight woman of 180 lbs. and I never had a problem with lovers until the last one who was absolutely cruel and despicable. I got rid of her, but not as soon as I should have. She was fine with me in the beginning of our relationship, but then she started making little hurtful remarks that became more and more insulting. Right before I broke it off with her she told me I should start taking laxatives after I ate so that I would lose the weight. 

I have to be honest and tell you that I almost believed her and did what she was telling me to do. But, thank the goddess for good friends and ex-lovers who care, and of course, YOU! I am not changing for anyone because I am happy with who I am. I love all of you and everything you stand for! I can’t wait to come to California and meet all of you! If you haven’t read the book, Seasons of Erotic Love, get it!!! There is a story in it called “Dimensions” about loving a fat woman that is absolutely wonderful! 

Big Love and Kisses!

FaTGiRL Totally Rocks My World 

Dear FaTGiRL: 

Let me just say that FaTGiRL is the finest publication of the lesbian and erotic print worlds and it totally rocks my world! OK, I’ve been wanting to say that since I picked up my first issue of FaTGiRL over a year ago and I’ve finally said it. With that established, you can understand why I’m totally thrilled to be living in San Francisco where my favorite zine is published. 


Happy New Subscriber 

Hi Dreamgrrrls-

l’ve been buying your beautiful, life-­affirming zine off feminist newsstands for a year and I’m ready to upgrade. Please sign me up for one FABulous year of big, juicy fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


(Editors Note: FaT GiRL’s subscription is for four issues. This does NOT necessarily mean a year. As we strive to put out three issues a year, your subscription will probably last longer.) 

Long Distance Love 

Dear FaTGiRLs 

Hi! It’s me again from the Island City of Singapore. I’m placing an additional order for back issues. Please do not cancel FaTGiRL, it is just too precious for you to do that. I mean you gals look beyond the issues and stereotypes of just being fat. Until then, last but not least, keep up the good work and more pictures please. 


Journey to FaTGiRL Love 

Dear FaTGiRL 

My girlfriend and I were so happy to find out about you. She lives in a small town and found out about you on the internet. She’s very resourceful, I might add, as we met on the internet as well. It started out as friendship, two fat dykes ranting and raving about life. I was a skeptic about personal ads or computer romances, but eleven months later, I’m a believer. 

Imagine my surprise while I was checking out the kinky sex store in the gay-friendly French Quarter. Right in the middle of all the men’s smut magazines I saw a rather large, lovely woman and sure enough, it was issue #5 of FaTGiRL. I was finally able to get my hot little hands on you! Oooh! I feel so lucky that I found that issue. 

At last, a magazine for people like us! All my life I have been fat and have always been in revolt against society dictating how fat women should live, act, dress, etc. However it took me a long time to come to terms with my sexuality because I felt so “asexual” because of my fatness. You know the story, fat girls aren’t supposed to be attractive, desirable … I faced a dilemma, as a fat virgin dyke in her mid-twenties, how would I ever feel comfortable and trusting enough to give freely of my body and soul to another person? 

It was a long process, but I realized that I needed to take risks in life in order to love. I found the right woman for me. Sex has become quite an intimate act of love instead of something horrifying. My girlfriend and I have learned to fully appreciate our plentiful bodies. We’re so happy together and we rejoice to have a means to keep in touch with other fat-positive affirming women loving women. There are so many of us out here feeling isolated in our own little corners of the world and starved for like-minded progressive thought and individuals. Thank you for being our voice. 

Tons of Love, 

FaT GiRL Activist Relocates 

Hi Everyone! 

This is your intrepid bi-coastal staff member, bringing news from Baltimore. We’re just starting to settle in and check out the scene here. This weekend marked, in typical Charm City celebratory fashion, the Bicentennial of Baltimore and the anniversaries of the Baltimore Eagle (sixth) and John Water’s classic Pink Flamingos (25th.) I am looking forward to meeting the members of F.I.S.T. and connecting with more queers here in our local Hampden neighborhood. Word has it that there’s quite a fierce gay Backyard Barbecue culture here … Stoke up the hibachi, hon!

Look for a local review of the famous ‘fat girl mall’ that I’ve been hyping the past 3 years. On the home front, Oh, Said Rose, a store specializing in art-to-wear in plus sizes, is scheduled to open in May at 840 West 36th Street, Baltimore, MD. Anyone traveling through- come in and say howdy! 


This issue is dedicated to all the femmes and butches who have had the courage to be themselves, whether it was fashionable or not.

FaT GiRL iS: 

a zine for and about fat dykes. FaT GiRL seeks to create a broad-based dialogue that both challenges and informs our notions of fat dyke identity. We encourage dialogue based on our lived experience as fat dykes, recognizing that our lives are various and multifaceted. FaT GiRL. is produced by an eclectic collective of fat dykes. We come in all shapes and sizes; from diverse ethnic cultures and dif­ferent class backgrounds. 

FaT GiRL is a political act. 

We want your participation! 

Submissions: We accept original work by women that is relevant to fat dykes. Please include a S.A.S.E. with your stuff. We like written submissions that are typed. We love submissions that are on disk, especially MAC disk. We are always on the lookout for art!!! 

Please don’t ever send us your original copy of anything. Include a brief bio with your submission and model releases for your photos (we can send these to you if you need them). 

Submission DEADLINE for issue #8 is July 21, 1997. 

FaT GiRL is: April Miller, Bertha Pearl, Kebo, Lara Michelle, Laura Johnston, Margo Mercedes Rivera, Susannah, Sondra Solovay, Selena & Oso. 

Logo: Fish. Web Site: Steph (our new Webmistress!) 

Special Thanks to: Max Airborne for, among other things, her years of hard work on the FaT GiRL web site, Ann Williams, for her equally hard and very important bookkeeping work, Tara and Cici showing up at the right time and the right place, Nevada Cimino for everything, Cath Thompson for her fingers and determination and Kim Reeve for putting up with April’s “other mistress.” 

Subscriptions: Send $20/4 issues, $5/ sample and a signed age statement to the address below. (US prices, foreign subscribers please send additional$$$.) 

Stores: terms 60/40, your shipping. Get FaT GiRL direct or from Last Gasp, Fine Print, Armadillo, or AK Press. 

Ads: Business cards, $40: quarter page, $75: half page, $150: full page-$300. Send your ads ready to scan. 

We can shrink to fit. Call about design rates. 

Print Run: 2000 copies of each issue of FaT GiRL 

Publication Schedule: FaT GiRL is NOT published on a regular schedule. We attempt to put out approximately 3 issues per year. Please be patient, the next issue Is coming … 

This issue (#7) copyright May 1997 FaT GiRL Publishing. All rights belong to individual artists. 

FaT GiRL is not to be sold to minors, which really sucks. 

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