Wish List

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Wish List
Date(s) of creation: May 1997
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
one zine page with text and a small clip-art image of a woman sitting looking wistful
Reference #: FG7-061
Links:  [ PDF ]

Wish List


Mentor to help FaT GiRL become a Non-Profit
Layout artists and enthusiasts
Ad sales guru/grunt
Accounting/Tax helpers
Event Planners/Organizers
Spicy gals who love getting naked in front of the camera
Contacts who know of inexpensive T-shirt suppliers/printers
Producers to co-sponsor FaT GiRL events in other cities
FaT GiRL contingent for San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade
Think tank for events and future Zine topics
General office assistants (for copying, mailings, licking envelopes, licking FaT GiRLs)
Dyke artists to submit work for zine
Event location scouts and contacts
Dedicated new collective members
Event assistants
Cartoonist to do FatGirl comic strip
Performers, singers, bands and especially …
Luscious big girl strippers
Cute girls to Massage and Pamper us 


Mac Computer
Radius Color Monitor, 21″
Clothes, books and other fun stuff for upcoming FaT GiRL Garage Sale
Free (or really cheap) SF Office Space close to Bart
1000 subscribers
Macintosh compatible PostScript printer
Zip drive
Macintosh compatible portable cd rom drive
Professional float for the Pride Parade
Round-trip plane fare, lodgings and rental car for 5 people for FaT GiRL photo shoot in Hawaii (or elsewhere, we’re flexible)
Sexy shoes, sizes 10 and up
Fax machine
Chocolate and flowers delivered to our new office (see above)
Photocopy machine and paper
Computer desk with keyboard drawer and monitor stand 2-drawer filing cabinets (preferably lateral files)
Large sturdy office chairs and desks
General office supplies
FaT GiRL Van or Bus, Trailer, RV, Limousine, Plane …
Food and drinks for events

If you have a skill you’d like to offer, we’ll probably have a use for it. If you’ve been wanting to get involved with Fat Girl, now is your chance. Contact fat girl at  [phone number]