FaT GiRL Upcoming Events in the Worx

Title (as given to the record by the creator): FaT GiRL Upcoming Events in the Worx
Date(s) of creation: May 1997
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
one zine page with text and two small ads
Reference #: FG7-057
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FaT GiRL Upcoming Events in the Worx

The FaT GiRL Events Committee needs your assistance to create spicy events where fatgirls can come together and play. We have lots of ideas and plans for upcoming months and would love your body and brain to help us make them happen. We don’t have specific dates yet so keep your eyes peeled for details. We’ll advertise in the Bay Times, on the web, and on our voicemail. Help us make 1997 the year of the FaT GiRL! 

FaT GiRL Stuff Swap Party. 

okay gals, start going through those closets now and get ready for a wild “junk sale” party. Hang out, socialize, flirt and peruse the discard­ed treasures. The morning after we’ll take what’s left to a giant FaT GiRL fundraising Yard Sale in the Castro. 

Gay Pride Festivities. 

Come and party with FaT GiRL in San Francisco this summer! March or ride with lots of cute fat dykes in the parade-and help build a fantastic float which will hold all of us. Stop by or hang out at our booth where there will be lots of kissing, food, zines, and sassy fatgirls to whet your whistle. After the day in the sun, dance the night away and meet that special someone at our afterpride party. 

Butch/Femme Prom/Dance. 

Put on your best taffeta and tuxedos and come strut your stuff at the school gym. Maybe there will even be a fat Queen and King chosen! 


FaT GiRL is working on pro­ducing a night of fat dyke performance. We are seeking performers of all kinds and a location. 

Beach Party. 

When the sun is beating down on you during the summer, come and play in the water and get WET with lots of fatgirls! Clothing optional … maybe. 


Will you be naked in the woods in August? If so, we would love your help at our booth selling T-shirts and magazines to other naked gals. 


[Image description: business card size text ad: “ La Red para Lesbianas y Mujeres Bisexuales Maltratadas / The Network for Battered Lesbians and Bisexual Women. Free support group 

Bilingual Spanish/English Hotline. Office/Oficina: (V/TTY/Fax) 617.424.8611 • Hotline/linea de Crisis: (V/TTY) 617.236.SAFE Voice Answering Machines I Contestador Automática de Voz.]


[“GOOD VIBRATIONS. Vibrators, dildos, lubes, massage oils, feathers. zines, restraints, harnesses, anal toys, art books, comix, informational books, vid­eos, dental dams, latex gloves, safe sex info, porn & smut. 1210 Valencia (at 23rd St.) San Francisco, CA 94110 Open 11 – 7, 7 days a week (415) 974-8980” – A drawing of a femme in a black dress holding her hands to her belly and leaning her head back in pleasure.]