Title (as given to the record by the creator): PERSONALS
Date(s) of creation: Issue 5: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL Issue 6
Physical description:
A personals page with four blocks of personals ads and one block at the bottom of how to submit.
Reference #: FG6-060-Personals
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Young Babe Just Out [photo redacted]
20 year old, 5’4”, 220lb., blue-eyed blondie, living overseas (American) returning home SOON! Looking for that Gentleman Butch to teach me. My hobbie vary. I like everything. I’m probably the most eclectic person I know! Sexually eclectic as well! Write me!
FaT GiRL Box 40

Threesome Plus
Handsome sweet butch and beautiful strong fem seeking a fine butch or two for some hot fucking. We are fat, juicy, sexy, creative, smart, working class, interracial, & Jewish. You are most of these things and more. SF Area.
FaT GiRL Box 43

Sweet Tart
25 year old Femme switch, 5’9”, 215lbs., lt. Brown eyes, long legs, tattooed, & pierced. I like alternative music, Annie Sprinkle, animals, being an artist and a creative, sensual, loving, smart, woman I’m looking for that sweet butch womyn who is 25-30 years old who is into tattoos & piercings & alternative lifestyle. You don’t look straight. You walk tall & proud & laugh real loud. I’m not into casual liaisons. I want to be in a relationship with a caring, honest, fun womyn who has good communication skills & who has done some emotional (hard) work on herself through therapy or some related healing. I have a leather fetish & I get butterflies in my belly when my butch wears a suit. Yum. I also got a thing for bald heads, funky hair & juicy butts. Nu, so what about you?
FaT GiRL Box 42

Fabulous Fat Bi Beauty
I am a sweet fabulous fat femme searching for the special kind of friendship only women can share with each other. I am a married bi beauty who loves all fat girrlzz! I am looking to correspond, get to know, make new friends with other fat or size positive women. I am extremely femme, understanding, very intelligent, and a great cook. I have a special fondness for butch women! I agree that all women are good, some are better, especially us fat girrlzz! I live in the southwest but would love to make new friends from anywhere in the country.
FaT GiRL Box 41

TO ADVERTISE: Send your headline, text, name, address, phone #, and a check for $5.00 for the first 500 characters + 1 cent per character for each additional character to FaT GiRL, 2215-R Market Street #197, San Francisco, CA 94114.

TO REPLY: Pencil your dream girl’s box # on the front of a stamped envelope containing your reply. Enclose that envelope in another one and send it to FaT GiRL Personals at the above address. We will continue to forward replies to all ads until further notice.

RULES: FaT GiRL Personals are for fat dykes and the women who want them. This description is intended to include bisexual and MTF transgendered women. It does not include men. FaT GiRL is a fat-positive, diversity positive zine. Please keep that in mind when writing your ad. We do not accept ads with personal names or street addresses. We reserve the right to refuse to print ads we find offensive.