Title (as given to the record by the creator): Contributors
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description: A page with text bios, each inside its own circle or oval.
Reference #: FG6-059-Bios
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Chrystos is a Native American lesbian poet from the Menominee Nation. She’s been a femme for 30 plus years. She has published five books of poetry. She’s also a treaty / land rights activist.

Estibaliz Sadaba Is a woman artist from The Basque Country Spain. She addresses feminist and political issues through her art and has recently edited a Publications with other women artists in the Basque country.

Charlotte Cooper is a saucy switch-hitter who bats for both sides. Her book, Fat and Proud, is coming soon from the Women’s Press in London. 

Leah Rachel is a photographer whose body of work is about her life and more specifically about the lives of other women. She is drawn to the portrait as a piece of evidence, each image a metaphor for all humanity. She approaches her subjects with­out any preconceived ideas and thrives on the search to dis­play a deeper truth.

Candida Albicans Royale learned to read at age two from the back seat of a run-down Volvo by announcing whatever neon restaurant, bar, and gas sta­tion signs she could decipher in the 40 m.p.h. blur. She still has fond associa­tions with these early influences. 

Megaera is an Australian lesbian artist who recently exhibited drawings of fat dykes in Melbourne and Adelaide, under the title “Abundant Beauty.” Cards of many of her images are avail­able- to order or for informa­tion write: . Box 263, Daylesford, 3460, Vic AUS.

Judith Black and her partner in crime Butch an (8-pound toy poodle), are currently planning their escape from S.F. They will be adding (immensely we’re afraid) to the butch population in Benicia, CA, this fall. 

Susannah: strong, loyal, competent, cute as a button, and a sexy voice to boot. All in all, a good pick. April said so. 

Sondra Solovay is wondering how the world would be different if, rather than worrying about dieting, people worried about how to eradicate poverty, how to stop domestic abuse, and how to secure equal rights for all. 

Miss April Miller has finally emerged from the dust of Michigan and is wondering how she missed the several thousand wagging tongues. (See the letters section for details.)

Leah M: I am in 41 year old lesbian fat woman with two great kids. Sofia is my guide (when She pleases) and wisdom is my hope. 

Margo Mercedes Rivera: Esposo gelibte. Tamarindo y kigel. Hijo de Elsie y Jaime.

Lori Ann Selke is a big, bi, butch and unemployed leatherperson currently living in Chicago. Her work can also be seen in Black Sheets and The Second Coming. She’s sweet and quiet and demure. Really. Honest. 

wolfie Is a pagan priest, hippie-anarchist, welfare mother living in Oakland with dreams of opening a temple / dungeon in Oregon sometime in the next 5 years. When pressed, she identifies politically as a drag queen leatherdyke separatist. She prefers to call her followers devotees rather than slaves, because they have to be seriously devoted to put up with her, especially during her bouts with fibromyalgia. 

E.G.M. has started a reading / discussion group in Portland Oregon, for lesbians of size (LesbOS). She writes about size issues for Ample Information, newsletter of a local, 11 year old, fat acceptance organization for women. She fought her obesity for three decades. A few years ago she killed it, embraced her fat, and is now a fat and happy fat lesbian activist.

Mary Frances Platt is a sleazy, sexy, fat femme radical crip activist on wheels in search of women to fight and fuck with on the frontlines of disability and class oppression.

Bertha: redhead big tits talented hands Brooklyn. 

Hadas: Well-fed, fat ass, Jewgirl slut. 

Freddie Baer is a fat, bi collage artist (along with a whole truckload of other descriptors). Her illustrations have appeared on numerous magazine covers, t-shirts, posters, and album covers, and she is renowned throughout the small press and marginal communities. In 1992 AK press published Ecstatic Incisions: the Collages of Freddie Baer, a book of her collage work, and she is currently working on another collection of her collages. Freddie is also her own favorite fat model. 

Laura Johnston is a nice Scottish girl who always looks both ways before crossing the street.

Max Airborne is with the desert.

Selena likes cats and hates bios.

Oso (aka Little Ricky) is looking for a high femme Mommy and/or a transgendered Daddy. Non-smokers a plus. Should be willing to spoil their loving son.