Freddie Baer collages

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Freddie Baer collages
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Freddie Baer, FaT GiRL,
Physical description:
Two zine pages, each with full-page art.
Reference #: FG6-048-049-Baer
Links:  [ PDF ]

[ID: A black and white collage. The frame is filled with a dark, watery-looking field, lush with a collage of hand-drawn wavy creatures, tendrils, viny stalks of sea berries. In the center is a soft focus photograph of a naked fat, white woman from the hips up. Eyes closed, she poses sensually, both hands behind her head – one bent elbow is raised up high, her head resting against that raised arm, and the other elbow is bent at her breast, the hand hidden in her very long, thick hair. Her hair and the tendrils and vines wrap around her flesh, simultaneously embracing her and emerging from her.]

[ID: A black and white collage. The frame is dense with intricately hand drawn orchids and foliage and ruffly petals. Rising up from the bottom of the frame, held in the center is a soft-focus photograph of a naked fat, white woman, shown from head to upper thighs. She’s looking up to the side, and posing with one hand on top of her head, holding a thick ponytail of her long hair, pulling it up slightly, while the other hand rests on her fat belly, the petals like curly lettuce wrapping in front of her arm.]