She’s Asleep

Title (as given to the record by the creator): she’s asleep 
Date(s) of creation: Issue 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Wolfie, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Plain white text overlaid across a dark image. The image features a hand in the bottom right corner of the page grasping a blanket. The folds of the blanket blend into the darkness of the remaining image that makes up the background of the page. 
Reference #: FG6-025
Links:  [ PDF ]

she’s asleep.

i come in to the room. she’s been asleep for a while now. the blankets are pushed down. and her ass is exposed so invitingly. she’s beautiful when she’s asleep. 

i slide onto the bed, carefully moving the blankets without waking her. i slowly, oh so slowly run one fingertip along the curve of her ass, and onto the edge of her labia. gently, gently, don’t want to wake her up. not yet. 

featherlight touches along her thighs, and she spreads her legs as i work my  fingers toward her cunt. her breathing changes. i find her rings, slowly rippling my fingertips under her clit, and her breathing changes again. 

she’s wet, she’s still asleep, she may be dreaming, and i fill my hand with warm lube, moving so slowly, not waking her, sliding one and then two fingers into her clit, taking days and days of time. four fingers now, her breathing is faster,  tightening on my hand. i start to fuck her in rhythm with her breath. she’s still asleep as i pour more lube on my hand, keeping time, fucking her forever,  most of my hand, pushing, turning, pushing, in, yes, for, me, now, now, NOW! 

and her eyes fly open. and my hand slides home. and we’re both there. now. 

pulsing, breathing, crying, coming. 


she’s not asleep anymore.