Suzie, the Elm Tree, and Me

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Suzie, the Elm Tree, and Me
Date(s) of creation:  August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Mary Frances Platt, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
a zine page with typed text
Reference #: FG6-050
Links:  [ PDF ]

Suzie, the Elm Tree, and Me

Mary Frances Platt 

The first time I saw her she was moving so fast her curly brown hair was blowing behind the push handles of her chair… The ones I wanted to reach out and grab, spin around and pull close enough to bruise lips. Instead, I stood there with my mouth dropped to the ground, watching the trail of dust her wheels stirred up, which was nothing compared to the stirrings creeping through my butch type loins. 

I looked for her all the next day and finally spotted her off the beaten path, taking her service dog for a pee and a romp amidst festival fervor. My body, mesmerized by the sight of flashing chrome, graceful bone, and bounding four legged bundle of energy, moved onto a friendly elm tree for support. Quivering, I watched as woman and dog danced a tune of desire and beauty, skirt flowing, arm swaying, breasts bouncing in delight. I found myself grabbing the elm as if it were her, moving my pelvis hard as my own nipples stiffened with the watching. 

When I thought I could stand it no longer, she ended her dance, turned away from my viewing, and called to her assistant. In the midst of bodies and maneuvers I could not see, but heard her tell her P.A.* that she could go on break and she would meet at six. I was attempting to quietly sneak away when I heard her say, “You may want to turn around and look at me fully before you leave.” My heart was now nicely embedded in my throat as I, in true butch style, turned slowly and deliberately on one heel to oh so calmly and coolly face the object of my desire. She began to roll toward me, the quiet humming of her wheelchair punctuating the sexual tension between us. Her breasts, uncovered now, were as large and luscious as I had imagined, her arms and torso as big as I had hoped for. Slowly I sauntered toward her as she and dog began to tease circles around me. “I want to be your elm tree, smell your cum and feel your rhythms on my face. Are you surprised?” Now this was just the kind of femme that made my heart sing and my cunt moan, but I responded with a simple, “No, I am not surprised.” “Have you ever done it with a fat quad?” she said. “Fat, yes. Quad, no.” I responded. “Have you ever done it with a thin butch without wheels?” I asked. She laughed a throaty laugh and hissed a yes. “Perhaps not one with as great an ass as yours, though.”

I was trying to follow her words as they tumbled past her lips but was so turned on by the movements of her disabled body and the brashness/trashiness of her slutty mouth that the mantra I heard was come get me come fuck me come on me come in me. I began to feel a warmth move up and out of my cunt and dropped to the ground just as spasms of ecstasy overtook me. 

I returned to reality to feel dog licks on my face and defined stroking on my head. I was sitting next to a wheel and looked up into the face of the woman who had brought me such an exquisite coming. It was a beautiful, soft, and smiling face. “Hello, my name is Suzie, and would you like to have dinner and a date with me tonight,” she said. Indeed, I replied, and hopefully more. Much more.

*P.A. = Personal Assistant