FaT GiRL #6 is:

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  FaT GiRL #6 is: (Contents)
Date(s) of creation: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
1 page with listing of contents and 2 small images
Reference #: FG6-001
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FaT GiRL #6 is:


Fat Watch by Sondra Solo …4

Queer Punks Chew the Fat by Candida Albicans Royale …6-7

S.F. Dyke March photography by Susannah …26

Pride ’96 photography by Susannah …27

ZINES! a shameless plug by Sondra Solo …35


Editorial by Margo Mercedes Rivera …inside cover 

Letters Reader Feedback …2-4 

Fat & Bi by Charlotte Cooper …8-9 

FaT GiRL Sports Survey by Margo Mercedes Rivera … 16-23 

The Fat Person’s Bill of Rights by E.G.M. …53

Survey Says! Let your voice be heard in this survey by April Miller with a little help from Sondra  …58

Photos, Art & Comics

I Don’t Wanna Be (a Barbie) by Estibaliz Sadaba …5 

Charlotte of the Dunes photography by Susannah …10-13

The Diarrhea of My Mind by Max Airborne …34

Hadas and Marco photography by Jane Philomen Cleland …40-43

Untitled Collages by Freddie Baer …48-49

Illustrations by Marva Holmes …54 & 56


Untitled by Chrystos …36

Untitled by Margo Mercedes Rivera …37

Smut ‘n Stories 

Copper by A.M. Salt …14-15

Turkey Tail by Leah M …24

She’s Asleep by Wolfie …25

Perverts by Judith Black …44-47

Elm Tree by Mary Frances Platt …51

Play Time 

Kitchen Slut by Bertha …28-33


Fat & Healthy — Stress! by Lori Selke …38-39

Zine Reviews, Events, and Organizations by Max Airborne …54-57

Personals …60

On the Cover: 

[image: a fat white person in a black bikini stands up to their calves in the water of the San Francisco Bay, hands on hips, smiling.] (photograph by Susannah)

During her recent visit to San Francisco, the dynamic Charlotte Cooper graciously agreed to pose for FaTGIRL before jetting back to England. (See photo spread pages 10-13 for more of Charlotte.)

Oops: Correction 

[image: a charcoal drawing of a naked fat woman]

Our apologies to Megaera, the lesbian artist from Australia featured in FaTGiRL #5. We accidentally failed to mention that images of her wonderful pieces are available for sale on note ­cards. They make great holiday gifts, so plan ahead. Contact: Megaera, P.O.Box 263, Daylesford 3460, Victoria, Australia.