Turkey Tail

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Turkey Tail
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Leah M, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
A zine page with a story and two display ads.
Reference #: FG6-024
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Turkey Tail

By Leah M 

When I think of women and fat and sex I think of my mound, my plump womanplace.

Ever since I was a girl of ten or so, this part of my body has fascinated me and stood apart as something special, something wonderful. As a young one, I compared my sweet mound of Venus to a roasted and succulent turkey tail. Not an erotic or even tantalizing notion to most. But it made me happy, made me laugh, made me tingle. You see, that was my favourite part of the turkey. I put “dibs” on it, I fought for it. I even stole it. 

Oh the sensation— greasy, slippery morsel of juice and flesh and bone gripped between my fingers. Teeth sinking, juice squirting. Fat so cloying it is almost too much. Joy! Enough to drive a girl’s hand to her own plump sweetness. To rub it, squeeze it between her fingers. Imagining teeth biting, lips smacking, until sticky juice flows under finger pads. Double Joy! 

My mound, the one fat part of me that I never doubted, always admired, always loved. This body, it’s been up and down, bony and round. The mons, she is always constant, even as she grows. A comfort to my palm, a pillow for my lovers. And, as I plump up and flesh out, she keeps pace, growing wider, rounder, juicier with each passing year and each collected pound. Sometimes she seems wide enough to cushion two lovers’ weary heads. 

Women’s palms find more flesh to knead/need, more lips to unfold, more pulpy flesh to dig through, to penetrate. They are comforted, surrounded, enfolded by juicy lips and pillowy flesh sucking them down. And when those fingers, those hands, those tongues break through, uncover/discover the sweet, musky treasure beneath the mound, the juice squirts, flows, making cheeks and chins greasy and sweet with Joy. And I am happy, like a child with a friend who loves her no matter what. 

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