Hadas & Marco

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Hadas & Marco
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Hadas, Marco, Jane Philomen Cleland, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Four pages with black and white photos.
Reference #: FG6-040-043-HadasNMarco
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Hadas & Marco

Photos by Jane Philomen Cleland

[Image descriptions: There are several black and white photos taken in a very dark room. All photos were taken from just above the head of Marco, a fat butch with a shaved head and glasses, lying naked on their back in a four-point sling made of black leather and hung with very thick chains. Marco’s legs are spread wide for Hadas, a fat femme, who is naked except for latex gloves and shiny earrings.]

Page 40

[ID: Hadas is fully leaned in between Marco’s legs, one gloved hand on Marco’s chest, the other between Marco’s legs. Marco has their hands on Hadas’ cheeks, their thumbs in Hadas’ mouth. Hadas’ eyes are closed as she leans in, eagerly sucking Margo’s thumb.]

Page 41

[ID: In the foreground Marco has their left hand reaching above and behind their head, grabbing one of the chains that holds up the sling, Their other hand is under their head. Hadas has stepped back slightly – we can now see her chest, arms and some of her belly. Her mouth is slightly open and her gaze is focused downward, between Marco’s legs. Her right hand is there, visible at the wrist only, the rest obscured by Marco’s belly, where Hadas’ other hand is resting.]

Page 42

[ID: “Fun at the release part for FaTGiRL #5” – In this photo, Hadas has leaned in and her head is just above Marco’s belly, her right hand busy between Marco’s legs and her left hand on Marco’s chest. She’s looking into Marco’s face and smiling with pleasure. Marco’s legs are fully wrapped around Hadas body now, and their hands are connecting with Hadas’ face, one palm on the side of her head and the other hand has two fingers on Hadas’ lower jaw.]

Page 43

[ID: Text “Your turn next time… remember, payback is sweet…” – There are 3 small photos on this page, all still taken with Marco’s head and the support chains in the foreground. 1: Marco’s arms are crossed, covering their face and grabbing onto their head. Hadas is pulled back enough to see her chest and part of her hand between Marco’s legs, while her other hand is on Marco’s round belly. 2: Marco has one leg up on Hadas’ shoulder, Hadas is leaning in and pushing her chest against Marco’s thigh, her other hand on Marco’s chest. Marco grips the chain tightly with their left hand, and the other hand is on the side of Hadas’ head. 3: The camera is slightly higher so we can see a little of Marco’s face and a slightly fuller view of their belly. Hadas is standing taller now, her fist obscured in the darkness between Marco’s thighs. Marco has one leg resting on Hadas’ chest, their foot above Hadas’ ear, the other foot rests on the support chain. Hadas holds Marco’s calf with her free hand, and looks up at Marco’s face. Marco is gripping both chains with their hands.]