Title (as given to the record by the creator): Resources
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: Max Airborne, Candida Albicans, FaT GiRL
Physical description: 7 zine pages, the first 6 with 3 columns of text, the last a survey.
Reference #: FG6-052-058-Resources
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Organizations and Events 

compiled by Max Airborne 

West Coast USA 

Ample Opportunity 

of Portland, OR, has a fat women’s swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MLC pool, 2033 NW Glisan, from 7:45 – 8:45 pm. The pool is always staffed by a female lifeguard. Call the AO phone at (503) 245-1524. If you’re feeling self-conscious, AO will provide you with a swim pal who’ll help you get to the pool for the first time. 

The Body Image Task Force 

is a task-oriented group in Santa Cruz that fights size discrimination and looksism and promotes positive body image for all sizes through events, workshops, actions, and public speaking to raise awareness of body-image issues. They need volunteers and student interns. Contact them at PO Box 934, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, (408) 457-4838, email 

FAT LIP Readers Theatre 

is a collective of fat women who present exciting, dynamic theatrical performances about what it’s really like to be a fat woman in today’s society. Our mission is to end fat oppression and promote size acceptance through education and theatrical per­formance. We also offer educational workshops and in-service trainings for organizations and community groups. We periodically open up our membership to newcomers, FAT WOMEN interested in writing and performing original works of poetry, song and stories. Because we are con­stantly striving to have the diversity of our culture reflected in the composition of the group, at this time we are specifi­cally seeking women of color. No experience necessary. All levels wel­come. If you are interested in more information about performances or membership, call 510-841-3438 and ​​leave your name and phone number. If you leave your address we will send you a new member information packet. Email: 

Girth & Mirth 

can tell you what’s happening in the fat men’s movement. 176-B Page St., San Francisco, CA 94102, live info: (415) 824-0260, events line: (415) 552-1143.

Lesbians of Size (LesbOS) 

has formed in Portland, Oregon for the empowerment of fat lesbians. LesbOS meets every third Thursday at It’s My Pleasure. Cost is $1 per lesbian for the space. These are the business/planning/rap group meetings. LesbOS shares leadership, with the facilitation of the group changing to a new volunteer each month who gets to choose the topic of the meeting. They also do social and political outings. Call Gail at (503) 774-5774 for information. 

Making Waves 

is a supportive recreational swim for women over 200 lbs, every Sunday from 11 am-1 pm in the SF east bay. The first Sunday of each month is Friend Swim for women of all sizes. Swim fee is $3 – $5 sliding scale. For info. call Linda at (510) 524-6470 or email 

The NAAFA Feminist Caucus’ 12th Annual Fat Woman’s Gathering 

will be held November 8-11, 1996 in Seattle, Washington at the Executive Inn, near the Seattle Center. Guest speakers include W. Charisse Goodman, author of “The Invisible Woman: Confronting Weight Prejudice in America”. There will also be empow­ering workshops; vendors who spe­cialize in fat women; a talent show; a fashion show; private pool party; clothing swap; a fat-positive song sing-along; video presentations; old and new friends. The conference space limits the number of women who will be able to attend, so you must register early! Cost is $105 for NAAFA Feminist Caucus members, $115 for non-members. To obtain a registration form, email, or send a SASE (#10, business size) to West Coast Conference Committee, 508 North 103rd, Seattle, WA 98133. This will be a smoke and scent-free event. 

Sisters of Size 

is a Seattle group for fat dykes. Begun in 1987, the group meets at least twice a month -once to go swimming and once for a focus night of discussion, watching relevant videos, networking, potluck, etc. They also eat in restaurants together, go bowling, kite flying, camping, and have picnics, bonfires on the beach, and parties. They try to have a float in the Gay Pride Parade and participate in No Diet Day activities. Many friendships have been made through the group. For info, contact Martha at (206)789-1267. 

Strike Zone Celebrates 20 Years of Leatherdykes 

20 years ago, at the height of granola­crunching, Birkenstock-wearing, flannel-clad “PC” lesbianism, a group of San Francisco women shocked the lesbian world by forming the first-ever support group for lesbian sado­masochists. To celebrate the founding of Samois (pronounced “Sam-WAH”), some of San Francisco’s most uppity leatherwomen are throwing a bash called Strike Zone, a conference and celebration for leatherdykes from all over the world, on next year’s Labor Day weekend, August 29-September 1, 1997. 

There have always been dykes who did S/M, but the formation of Samois marked the beginning of an above­ground, visible, accessible leatherdyke community and culture. To celebrate this community’s longevity and vitality, the Strike Zone women intend to find out if for “grrlz” to have too much fun. They will test this theory with workshops, parties, conversation, food, cross pol­lination, bi-costal bonding, transat­lantic tricking and more parties. 

The Strike Zone women want this conference to become the first in a series of regular biannual events, and to generate feelings of community and solidarity that will lead to the cre­ation of a national leatherdyke orga­nization. The conference will connect women interested in discussing what a national organization could accom­plish and how it should be struc­tured. 

Women-identified women who do S/M play with other women and want to network, cruise and hang out with like-minded leather babes can contact Strike Zone by mail at 2215R Market Street #246, San Francisco, CA 94114; by telephone at 415/522-2340; or by e-mail at 

Water Women 

is a Seattle-based low-intensity water exercise class for large and/ or differently abled women and their supportive significant others. Mondays 6:30-7:30 and Wednesdays 5:30-6:30, $3 per session, call Lee Brown at (206)789-1267. 

Women of Width 

is a Bay area fat-positive women’s support group, based on the idea that women are healthy and beautiful at any size. On the 4th Tuesdays, the group meets at Two Sisters Bookstore, 605 Cambridge St.,Menlo Park. On the second Tuesdays, the group meets at another location: call ahead to find out where. $2 is requested to help pay the room rental, but no one is turned away for lack of money. Call (415) 965-8416, or send email to or

[image description: a poster with a black background, a fat, open hand, fingers pointing upward, in the center of the image, rising up from the bottom, and words around the hand. The hand has a tattoo in its palm of a large open eye, and a plus sign coming down from it, extending into the wrist, so it’s a women’s symbol. The thumb has a ring on it. There are stars between the fingertips. The lettering resembles a 60’s rock poster. On the left it says “Sisters look sisters in the eye” and on the right it says “We need each other through the dark & the light.” On the bottom right, it’s signed “Buffalo Pope, 1996.”]

Midwest USA 

SAFFO, Sisters Are Fighting Fat Oppression 

is looking for fat-positive, les/bi/ trans-positive women based in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area dedicated to arming fat women with pride and dismantling diet CULTure, fatpho­bia/hatred, and thin privilege. For more info, contact wendy (c/ o UYW) at 244 Coffman Union, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Phone: (612) 625-0607. Fax: (612) 625- 9161, email: 

The Venus Group 

is a social group in Southeastern Michigan for big women who want to reclaim the fat female form as love goddess. They meet monthly. For info contact Heather at (313) 480-7080. 

East Coast USA 

Big Beautiful Lesbians 

is a support group for fat lesbians in Washington, DC. For more info contact Michaelle at (202) 863-0862. 

Fat Dykes in the Northern Virginia/ DC/Maryland area: 

Come celebrate your attitudes, shyness, & FLAB! Call Nicole L. Reid at 703- 671-8990 or Email

Fat is a Lesbian Issue 

is a New York based, fat-positive, anti-diet discussion group that helps queer women learn to accept their bodies at any size. They meet monthly to talk about food, clothing, healthcare, sex, exercise, self-esteem and other issues that impact fat lesbians and bi women. They meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, 208 W. 13th St., in Manhattan. For more info. call Gail and Shira at XXX or email 

FLAB, the Fat Lesbian Action Brigade 

is a New York-based activist group that fights for the visibility of fat lesbians within the queer community, the fat-acceptance movement and the world at large; works to discredit and destroy the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry that threatens our survival; and celebrates the beau­ty and sexiness of fat women. See Fat is a Lesbian Issue above for meeting times and contact info. 

GirlCon ’97 

April 11, 1997 4:00 p.m.
April 13, 1997 6:00 p.m.
Call for participants, speakers, enter­tainers, zine publishers, and small businesses owned and operated by young women. Purpose: To create solidarity and a support network in the young feminist/women’s action movements. Tentative Workshops: Racism, Women in Science/Technology, Women/Young Women/Girl’s Education, Religion and Women’s Activism, Classism, Self Defense (RAD Training), Fat Oppression, Domestic Violence, Women’s Health (Herbal Gynecology, Breast Cancer (treatment, prevention, how the medical industry deals with)), Women in the Medical Industry, Sexually Transmitted diseases, Alcoholism/Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Race and Women’s Activism, Women and Political Organizations, Queer Issues (Bisexuality /Lesbianism/ Transgender /Transexual issues in the young feminist movement, Androgyny), Alternative Media (Women in the Arts, Zines, Independent Films, Guerrilla Theater). 

We need help with speakers and pan­elists on all of these issues. Speakers, entertainers, panelists, etc, must be young women. Bands must have at least one female member who is instrumental to the creative process of the band’s music. Please send workshop/panel proposals, Performance tapes/ samples/ reviews, and films for possible screenings, and conference registrations ($0 – $25 slid­ing scale, Pre-registration between 1/1/97 and 3/30/97) to: Wellesley Women’s Alliance For Action, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 02181 or e-mail: ocortina@wellesley. edu. Check out our site: http://red­ 

If you want your group or event listed here, please let us know! 


The Fat Women’s Group 

is based in London. Write to them at Wesley House, Wild Court, London WC2B SAU, UK 


The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination 

works to influence public policy and opinion in order to end oppression based on discriminatory standards of body weight, size, or shape. Reach them at PO Box 305, Mount Marion, NY 12456. 

Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem 

maintains a library of archival material on fat liberation dating back to the beginnings of the fat feminist movement in the early 1970’s, as well as a computer database cataloguing resources in dozens of categories. They invite contributions, and offer free referrals, printouts from their database, and research assistance. Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534, (203) 787-1624 phone/fax (call weekdays between noon and 8pm EST), email, or check out their web site at fatgirl/largesse/. 

LFAN, the Lesbian Fat Activists Network 

is an affinity group for size-friendly Lesbians of all sizes. Contact Laura Tisoncik, PO Box 635, Woodstock, NY 12498, email 764 

The network for Battered Lesbians and Bisexual Women 

has a free bilingual (Spanish/English) newsletter (the most recent issue of which included an article on why S/M is not battering), a hotline, referral info re other groups around the country and a support group. Group is only for folks in the Boston area, but everything else can go anywhere. The Network can be reached at: office (phone, v/tty): 617-424-8611, hotline (v /tty, English/Spanish): 617-236-safe, address: P. 0. Box 6011, Boston, MA 02114.


The Fatdykes email discussion list

 is a place for fat lesbians and our allies to discuss topics related to our lives as fat lesbians, from a pro-fat, pro-lesbian perspective. We welcome discussion and debate, but not flaming. We ask list members to treat each other with respect. We also consider our pro-fat, anti-diet position to be the foundation of this list, so this is not a place for debating the validity of our perspective. We’re here to share ideas and information, to vent, to give support, to chat, to make friends or get dates, to do network­ing and activism for fat liberation. This list is for women only and is open to fat-positive, pro-lesbian women of any size, orientation, or birth gender. For info on how to sub­scribe, email with the body of the message: info fatdykes. 


has a site on the World Wide Web where we list tons of resources that exist only on the Internet. Check it out:


is also the name of a new , women only, IRC (“Chat Room” to us only marginally computer-friendly dykes) which is up and running on the undernet. You can get to the undernet via any of the following servers: 
/server vancouver.
(among others.) once connected to the undernet type /join #FatDykes and it will take you there. 

As FaT GiRL goes to press, the fine women who run this IRC are busy getting the channel up and running 24 hours a day. In the meantime, the channel is running from 5:00 p.m. (CA time) until the operator packs it in and goes to bed. 

[image descriptions: Two drawings of fat women by Marva Holmes. 1. a fat woman from the mid-thighs up. Her hands are behind her back. Her head is shaved on the sides, the rest is like ropes, maybe dreds? She wears a dangly earring with a women’s symbol in one ear. The starry cups of her bra are held up with chains attached to a collar around her neck. She has no other clothing, just a treasure trail that starts at her navel and widens as it goes down her fat belly. 2. a naked fat white woman on her knees, leaning back, wearing a dangly earring with a women’s symbol in one nipple, and a fingerless glove on one hand. Her upper arm has a tattoo of a lesbian symbol inside a heart. She has moppy hair, is sticking her tongue out and winking.]


reviews by Candida Albicans Royale 


Alright #2 

is a truly brilliant comic by Charlotte Cooper & Simon Murphy. Send a few bucks to: Charlotte Cooper & Simon Murphy, [address] England. 

Bitch #2 

(Not to be confused with Bitch!) Fun, ranting media critiques that sometimes overstate/ overanalyze the obvious. At the risk of sounding shal­low, a horrendous fat-hating, girl-hat­ing ad or quote sometimes speaks better for itself than a 3-page analy­sis. Still, when you’re bombarded with crap, it’s a breath of fresh air. Love the “Riots Not Diets!” back cover, which features a photo of a “house­wife” -type loading a rifle. Because it’s too damn expensive to color reprint mainstream so-called art, their great, state-of-the-art web-site gets to include mo bettah visuals. “Get Bitch now by sending $12 for 4 issues or $3.50 for a single copy. Make your checks out to Lisa Jervis and send them to 3778 Ruby Street, Oakland, CA 94609.” Or, check out http:/ / 

Black Sheets #8 

The “Dead Cow Issue.” A wholesome, light-hearted, friendly pansexual leatherzine brought to you by the very nice boys and girls who live next­door. Black Sheets does feel like more of a wholesome & friendly resource for safe play than the “unsafe” smut I typ­ically get hot over, but I’m spoiled; if I lived somewhere out in the middle of nowhere instead of this queer and kinky Mecca, I’d find the resources more useful, and its accessible feel a welcome relief. This issue is 55-pages thick, and includes more than I can list here: stories like “Black Latex Clambake” by Conrad Hodson, essays “On Being a Female Submissive” by Carol Queen, “Confessions of a Dish Fetishist” [I can relate!] by Janet Weinberg, poetry by Lori Selke (of FaT GiRL health col­umn renown), Sexart photos includ­ing prints by FG’s Laura Johnston, and zine reviews, for starters. Send $6/issue or $20/4 ($24 for Canada and Mexico) and a signed age state­ment to Black Sheets: Black Books, P.O. Box 31155, San Francisco, CA 94131. (E-mail 

The Daughters of Houdini: Medical Zine and My Bloody Sister 

Clearly a labor of love by these two disciples of Edward Gorey … Medical Zine is hand-painted, and cuts & pastes dry verse, graphic photos, and new and found illustrations of women from the misogynist roots of Western Medicine. My Bloody Sister is a quaint little hand-sewn chapbook of menstrual blood-thirsty, man-hating delight. About the D. of H.: 

“Engaging in art and other con­demned activities / We ignored the law & indulged in our proclivities / / You must understand! We cant help our evil actions, / REVEL, REVEL, in unsanctioned contractions! / / Our bad blood is tainted with mischief & deceit, / We drink the red, and stain the sheet, / / Indulging in fingers, potions, muscles, motions, / Debauchery, crime, bad table man­ners, lewd remarks- / You don’t know the half of it! / / Were Gruesome Girls-HEAR OUR GORE!!!” Send stamps, trades, and “your tales of medical mishaps, reme­dies & crimes” to: Daughters of Houdini, c/ o Z. Kroll and C. Cooley, P.O. Box 40291, San Francisco, CA 94140. 

Fat!So? #5 

Marilyn delivers another great issue, chock full of quotes from the “Honor God with your body” anti-fat web page, “carve-your-own fat-a-licious blubberific rubber stamps,” an interview w /Mary Armstrong, the traveling glob-of-fat-model, comics, resources, Olestra rants, “heroes and villains of fat history” trading cards, and much more. My only disappointment was in not finding another Fat Manifesto (the previous 2 have made jaded me profoundly question ways I think about fat) … but how many brilliant manifestoes can one person produce? Send $3.50 for one, or $12 for 4 issues to: P.O. Box 423464, San Francisco, CA 94142. Great web-site (which gra­ciously hosts the FG web-site) at: 

Food For Thought and Size Esteem 

are two small publications from Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem. One is a quarterly newsletter, the other a bi-monthly issue-oriented bulletin. The latest issues include an update on the new FDA “obesity” drugs, internet resources for fat folks, songs to celebrate fat women, parental activism on behalf of the large child, a fat person’s guide to biking, and argu­ments for size rights legislation. You can receive both publications for $20 I year. Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534. 

i’m so fucking beautiful #3 

And Nomy Lamm is! A must-read. After a long hiatus, Nomy has not disappointed—her hand-written, cut-and-paste zine appeals on a very personal level. Check out her “I’m So Fucking Beautiful Manifesto,” which I’m tempted to carry around with me for those confrontational occasions when you feel like there’s too much to say to be able to say it well. Stay tuned for #4, which will focus on her recent experiences in Chile. Send $1 each for #1 & #2; $2 for #3 to: Nomy Lamm, 120 State N.E. #1510, Olympia, WA 98501. 

insideOUT #9 

“The Essential Queer Youth Magazine.” Glossy magazine with twink news, pix, gossip, polls, and a regional resources directory, and also Cruella’s “Out-o-meter.” This is sur­prisingly hard to find on the stands where baby-dykes need em, so ask your local bookstore to order some, even if it isn’t your cuppa-t. $3/issue or $12/yr (stamps accepted), make checks out to INSIDEOUT Magazine Online, check out for more updated listings. *Note: stay tuned for upcoming issue on Body Image.* 

Living Large 

is an apa (amateur press association) for folks who want to talk about fat issues. An apa is a subscriber-created zine, so in order to subscribe you must contribute (2 pages every other issue). Part of the idea is that the con­tributors get to know one another by interacting through writing in the zine. It’s like a big ongoing conversa­tion (plus more). Living Large is cur­rently open to new members. For a sample issue, send $5 to Kathleen Madigan, PO Box 1006, Elgin, IL 60121. 

Meridian (Dec. ’95) 

Personal, riot grrl, cut & paste fanzine with much soul searching, poetry, New England women’s resources, and cartoon reprints and favorite bands. Send $2 (or stamps or equal trade) to Judy Ricardi, 79 West St. #4F, Worcester, MA 01609. Send same for her other fanzines: Resist Psychic Death, Structure, Ginger’s Hut, Top ($1). 


I’m always impatient to see the next issue of Outpunk and get a good, fresh dose of queercore, and #5 does not disappoint. Tons of dyke coverage, reviews, the hilarious story (and pix!) of Tribe8 getting invited to party with Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew (he didn’t know they were dykes) and them turning the tables on him with their impressive cocks … interviews w /Joan Jett Blakk, Donna Dresch, Mouthfull, queer hiv+ skinhead Pedro Serrano; memories of the now­defunct Homocore; more great clip art from Queer Action Figures; and Matt’s refreshing “What’s Wrong With Punk Rock” section asking people to WAKE UP and re-think what the fuck “punk as fuck” means-i.e., more of a mainstream trendy political and fash­ion monoculture nowadays than an inclusive counterculture. Outpunk consistently demonstrates a commit­ment to diversity in both the zine and the record label; check out Matt’s cri­tique of Maximum Rock and Roll’s par-for-the-course racism and sexism that got their macho panties in a wad and which irked MRR enough to play an obnoxious prank on Outpunk in their “Book Your Own Fucking Life” issue [see Press Release], where they essentially equate Outpunk’s diversity with what of course must mean a lack of talent and tokenism (umm … right). Support your local queercore wage­slave: $2/issue (only #3-5 available) to Outpunk, P.O Box 170501, San Francisco, CA 94117. 

Pasty #6 

Sarah-Katherine takes us to her local research subject stint, where she’s paid $40 and a cab ride to get weighed-in by a skinny girl, down 3 vodka-and-tonics, and answer some loaded questions about a date-rape (or was it?) scenario. As with many of S-K’s sardonic adventures, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Check out “How to Make Yourself Loathed at the Condom Store”— a list that had me cringing, since I myself met her at the condom store where she works, and noticed that I must have committed at least five of the offenses myself and no doubt made an indelible impression. Always well-written, and still vehemently poetry-free. Send $2 (cash) and snack cakes to: Pasty, Sarah-Katherine, 6201 15th Ave. NW, #P-549, Seattle, WA 98107. 

Pathetic Life #20, 21 

“Diary of a Fat Slob.” Currently one of my favorite zines. Its the very personal, very compelling DAILY(!) diary of Doug’s life. Doug is an unapologetic fat slob anarchist who sells un-Christian fish on Telegraph, cleans office for Black Sheets, and divulges his pangs of longing for the pen pal of his dreams, Sarah­Katherine [see Pasty review]. Too much zine-scene overlap and local goings-on for me to not take interest, but that’s not what makes this such a good read-it’s Doug’s unapologetic living and disclosure of the personal (beware if you have a thing about bodily fluids) and most of all, his witty writing style that alternately pains me and makes me laugh out loud snorting on BART. After much soul-searching on whether or not to move out to New York to be just bud­dies with S-K: “In my dream, I was hanging on top of the TransAmerica Pyramid, not quite ready to let go but giving it some serious thought. Awake again, whoa! I don’t like suicide dream­ing. I’ll miss Sarah-Katherine, but not quite enough to climb the pyramid and throw myself off, bashing and bruis­ing and bleeding onto the windows down every angled floor. I’d be dead before falling ten stories. And what a mess I’d make! No, there are easier ways to kill yourself, he typed, chew­ing on the first of seven bread & butter sandwiches.” I’m eagerly awaiting #22. Send $3/issue ($2/issue if you order 2 or more) cash or stamps (NO checks!) to: Doug Holland, 537 Jones St. #2386, San Francisco, CA 94102. 

Pucker Up #1 

“The [porn]zine with a mouth that’s not afraid to use it.” Pansexual and perverse. Definitely not for lezzie separatists! Issue #1 is chock full of material (63 pages), much of it about B/D/S/M between men and women, from the vantage-point of masochistic men …. Typical fetish photos of typical model-type women by Eric Kroll and Richard Kern (big turn-off yawn for me, but your mileage may vary) … a gender-fluid smut story called “Like I Paid Him To” by Andrea Tetrick. .. hot fiction about a fat tomboy’s first (lezbo) sex experience by Karen Green … and too much more to fit into a tiny review. The material is hit or miss, but diverse enough that you should be able to find something you like (unless you’re looking for fag-on­fag porn or pictures of fat women) if you don’t mind wading through all the stuff you don’t. Very New York. 

Pucker Up #2 

New 2-color glossy cover, and new for­mat featuring multiple works by “Artists of the Season” -in this issue, Sandra Lee Colvin, Kerry Allen, D. Travers Scott, and Linda Smukler. Plus a whole lot more in these 64-pages: goth material (interview with Danielle Willis, het death-fetish porn by Thomas S. Roche), an interview with Kathy Acker, more boring photos by Richard Kern, Wickie Stamps on her job editing fag porn at Drummer …. This issue seems to have more by and about dykes and fags and tg’s, but there’s so much across-the-board material in both (and cross-[gender]-writing) that there’s little point in trying to keep track. One thing this zine could seriously use (from the perspective of what gets ME hot and therefore interested) is some fat-bodied smut, as well as more diverse bodies in general, so if you want to see it, send some in! $5/issue or $18/4 ($28 Canadian, $35 overseas) cash or checks payable to Tristan Taormino, Pucker Up, P.O. Box 4108, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163. 

Red hanky panky 

Bi-active, fat, racy comix by Rachel House. Send 1 pound or $2 US plus stamps to RHP, 23 Whateley Rd., East Dulwich, SE22 9DA, London UK. 

The Search for the Meaning of Life 

Dyke comix by Megan, the fat-activist drummer in the all-queer band, the Kissing Bandits. No fat content yet, but she’s now starting to draw fat people so she can tell the accurate stories of the people in her life (so stay tuned). Send $1 Canadian or $1.50 US to [redacted]

Your Head on a Platter #2 

Rebecca Levis surrealist zine of dreams. The theme of this issue: “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” S_everal floaty water dreams. Queer attractions. Esther Williams. I love Rebecca’s haunting back cover drawing, “Self-Portrait as a Butch/Femme Couple.” Send $2 for each issue to Your Head on a Platter, 2336 Market St. #132, San Francisco, CA 94114. Seeking illustrations and dreams featuring “Gender Trouble” for issue #3. 


M.U.F.F. Match

dir. Julie Jenkins, 1995, UK, 50 min. video (PAL-format).

How to begin to describe this video?Benny Hill meets Sister George meets (now-defunct) Quim meets John Waters in this light-hearted romp about randy dykes in an all-girl school and their “stern” disciplinarians. Definitely made by and for dykes, but it was too enmeshed in slapstick camp to give this girl a wettie. Featuring the fabulous Amy Lame’-Divine’s young lesbian protege’ (if not daughter!)-in an extended sight-gag spanking scene that was funny the first 30 seconds or so. Aside from some enjoyably sordid fetish sight gags, the highlight is when the reigning field hockey champions, the M.U.F.F.s, come to play-big, fat, bodacious dykes, including legendary bad girl B.J. and several other cuties; but they’re just there for a cameo while the viewer is expected to make due with truly tedious, awkward, staged ​​sex between the skinny girls. The sex scenes were even less appealing than most het “lesbian” porn I’ve seen! Of the vacant-eyed-during-penetration and head-bumping variety; and how long can you draw out repeated, clothed bumping and grinding in slow-motion?) Who would have thought that 50 minutes of dyke porn could feel like such an eternity? Perhaps it just needs a big, rowdy audience to play to; maybe it will be a bigger hit at the SF Queer Film Fest this June. The camera-woman herself is quite hot, I wonder if she’ll be there in person? For more info, contact the distributor: Dangerous to Know, 66 Offley Road, Kensington Oval, London SW9 OLS, tel: 171 735-8330, fax: 171 793-8488.


Zines! (Vol. I) 

V. Vale, formerly of RE/Search, interviews the creators of 10 different Left Coast-based zines, including the former and current FaT GiRL collective members! Also includes coverage of Mystery Date, X-Ray, ThriftScore, Meat Hook, Housewife Turned Assassin, Beer Frame, Bunnyhop, Craphound, OutPunk plus indie distributor A-K Press. Jam-packed with reprints from the originals. Great to get to know the zinesters on a more per­sonal level (well, in a voyeuristic way), since most of the zines covered here are theme-based, and not focused around the editors’ personal lives per se. Vale’s tastes are heavily riot grrl-influenced, and it shows-check out the numerous quotes and resources also compiled in the book. $18.95 in stores, or send SASE for a catalog to V /SEARCH, 20 Romolo #B, San Francisco, CA 94133. (Online: welcome.html or e-mail 



Whether leather and latex or flowers and romance make you burn, we invite you to conspire with us in the pages of girlburn in embracing and strutting our sexuality. Write and read about women taking the erotic power, giving into the heat, and standing on their own. This is dedicated to the celebration of erotica­dyke, het, bi, trans, and yet to be dis­covered. Our aim is not to define woman, erotic, love or sex, but for our contributors and readers to make these words live in their own minds. May you burn along with us, and see you soon in our upcoming issue. Nicole Lightburn and Shannon L. Casey. Send requests for submission guidelines and/ or $2 per issue to: Riot Grrl Press, attn: girlburn, P. 0. Box 1954, Lawrence, KS 66044. e-mail 

FaT GiRL Resources Survey 

Hey girls! were trying to expand our resources and we need your help. 

We want to include more stuff, especially outside of the SF Bay Area. 

Please let us in on your finds so we can spread the word. 

Maybe the hip FaT GiRL of your dreams will finally join the gym YOU recommended. It could happen ..

Where do you live and hang out? 

What local restaurants would you recommend as having the best combination of food, atmosphere, hassle-freeness, and size accessibility in terms of the Physical space? 

What movie theater would you recommend?

How big are the seats there?

Where is your favorite place to go swimming? 

Bike, motorcycle, or horseback riding? 

Skateboarding? Skiing? Surfing? Other? (Fill in the blank, you get the picture)

If you workout, where do you do it? 

How comfortable do you feel being fat and exercising there?

Where do you get your shoes? Do you wear a hard-to-find size?

Where do you buy your clothing?

What sizes do they carry?

Where is your favorite place to take a hot babe and go lingerie shopping? 

Tool shopping?

Sex toy shoppong? 

Where do you work? 

Is it a fat-friendly environment?

Do you have a doctor to recommend?

Did you have a bad experience anywhere? 

Is there someplace FaT GiRLs should avoid? 

What happened there?

Where are you most likely to be found on the internet?

What ‘zines do you keep in your bathroom? 

Bv vour bed?

Do you have any other info that would be helpful to FaT GiRLs living in or visiting your area? 

Please send us your answers, and include addresses if possible! Or at least the city and state. Send to: FaT GiRL, 2215 Market Street, #197, San Francisco, CA 94114