Zines! ad

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Zines! ad
Date(s) of creation: FG 6: August 1996
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
A zine page with an advertisement
Reference #: FG6-035
Links:  [ PDF ]


[The top half of the page has three sentences, each inside a grey shape that looks like broken glass, all against a black background:

“So you’ve read every issue of FaT GiRL cover to cover.”

“While wearing your official FaT GiRL t-shirt.”

“But you just can’t get enough of FaT GiRL!”]

[The bottom half continues, with text on one side and an image on the other

“Now there’s a solution to your problem! 

Simply march on over to your local book­store (or order direct at 415.362.1465) and buy a copy of ZINES!: Volume 1, from V. Vale of RE/SEARCH-V/Search fame.

In it you will find a lengthy interview with former and current FaT GiRLs talking about interesting stuff, as well as drawings and never-before-seen photos of collective members (some with clothes and some without.) 

But wait, there’s more! Included free and at no additional charge you will find a wonderful history of zines, a zine directory, fabulous quotations, and 10, yes 10 other fascinating interviews with the creators of zines like Outpunk (host of the Dirtybird Festival you read about on pages 6-7), Housewife Turned Assassin, Meat Hook and more. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Act now! “

[image: A book cover: “Vol. 1: ZINES!” in large black text across the top. A large photo of a thin white person with short dark hair, lipstick and a leopard-print coat. In one hand they hold up a fanned-out handful of different issues of a 1950’s-looking zine entitled “Mystery Date,” which partially obscures their face. A curtain is behind them, against which is a white speech bubble with black text: “Surrender to the incredibly strange urge… to create your own zine!” In the bottom right corner is “RE/Search”.]