Fat GiRL #2 is…

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Fat GiRL #2 is…
Date(s) of creation:  February 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 single zine page with black printed text and images on a white background
Reference #:  FG2-001
Links: [ PDF ]

FaT GiRL #2 is…


Eat this, Cosmo
by Candida Albicans Royale 55

Fat Watch
These folks are just begging for our attention! 6

Fool the Diet Industry
Let your fingers do the walking. 17


Fat Girl Fantasy #57
by Sondra Solovay 54

Try Using a Chainsaw
by Max Airborne left, silly


FaT GiRL Roundtable
Fat and age. 8

More on Apricot Hankies
3 gals ponder. 39

Reader feedback. 2

Reader Survey 1
How do you feel the dyke community treats you as a fat dyke? 4

Reader Survey 2
Have you had negative experiences in the dyke community about fat? 42

Reader Survey 3
Have you had positive ones? 56


Ask the Gear Queen
Info swap. 19

Hey Fat Chick
Advice column. 61

How FG works
How you can help Fat Girl. 30

Recipes from the Kitchen Slut
by Bertha 20

Resource pages
Books, zines, movies, music, organizations, announcements, and armchair shopping. 62

Personal ads
Find your dream girl! 68


by Cath Thompson 58

Big Ol’ Butts
Photos of our bare-assed readers. 27

by XXXXX 41

Dinner with April
by Laura Johnston 33

FaT GiRL Party
Photos from Muff Dive. 29

by Laura Johnston 66

by Laura Johnston 44


I wanna see more ladies flauntin’ it
by Malaina Poore 28

The Frigidaire Queen
by Candida Albicans Royale 50

by Osa Shade 16


The Fat Truth
by Max Airborne 48

Is Radical Lesbian Feminism the Only Radical Approach?
by Charlotte Cooper 38


4 Big Girls
by Barbarism 23

The Most Massive Woman Wins
by Elizabeth Stark 51

Women En Large
by Candida Albicans Royale 31


The Adventures of SuperSlut #1
by Betty Rose Dudley 37

Butch Baiting
by April Miller 52

Crossed Paths
by Barbarism 24

Lies I Choose Not to Believe
by Oso 7

Waiting for Rapunzel
by XXXXX 40

[image description: visible between the white background of the page and the black text of the table of contents is a faint greyscale image of the FaT GiRL logo – illustration of a fat, smiling white person with short spiked hair kneeling in front of a circular emblem emblazoned with black and white stars and the words “FAT GIRL” around the edge. They are wearing a bikini top covered in black and white stars, with white letters “F” and “G” on each cup. They wear a small bikini bottom, just visible below their belly, with a white star. Their right arm is raised in the air with their gloved right hand clenched in a fist; their left arm is bent, with their left gloved hand resting on their hip.]

[image description: black and white illustration of a white person with dark hair and bangs, wearing “cat-eye” style glasses and dark lipstick. They are framed in a window, looking at us. Their hands, with fingernails painted a dark colour, grip the windowsill; the symbol and word “♥(heart) FAT” are written on the knuckles of their left hand, the word “GIRL” is written on the knuckles of their right hand.]


[image description: black and white illustration of a white person with spiky and long dark hair, dark lipstick, and long eyelashes, naked and holding a banner in front of their chest with both hands; on the banner, the words “FAT GIRL RULES” are written in bubble-style lettering.]


[image description: black and grey illustration of an round, explosive device with lit fuse; on the surface of the bomb, the word “FAT” is written in grey lettering – the letter “A” includes a circle around the centre of the character, with a cross extending from the bottom half of the circle to form an anarcha feminism symbol.]

front cover photo by Laura Johnston

back cover photo by XXXXX

FaT GiRL logo by Fish