Advice: Hey Fat Chick!

Title: Hey Fat Chick
Date(s) of creation: February, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description: Zine page printed in black and white.
Reference #: FG2-061-FatChick
Links: [ PDF ]

From FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995



Hey Fat Chick:

I was so excited to see your new zine, I nearly peed my pants. I’ve been calling myself a fat dyke for years, and constantly come up against attitude from other “large lesbians” who get offended and seem to avoid me nervously. As though being fat were a contagious disease they’re ashamed of having. On top of that, I’m butch, and tend to stand out anyway. I respect a person’s right to label herself as she chooses, but how do you deal with this level of denial? Is there any hope of bonding with other fat dykes when most of them seem to be trying to fit back into the closet? Any suggestions about how to deal with hostility from my so-called peers?

—Frustrated Fat Dyke from Podunk, Iowa 

Dear Frustrated: 

This reminds me of all the stories we garnered when we first started putting the word out about FaT GiRL. We handed out flyers and stickers to fat girls from all over the place, mostly at Pride marches and dyke marches, including Stonewall ’94. Reactions were perpetually mixed. Not so surprisingly, not everyone was flattered to be singled out with a “SUBMIT TO FaT GiRL” flyer. 

You might try this approach: Carry a copy of FaT GiRL around with you at all times. Next time you find yourself in conversation with one of these closet cases, let part of the zine oh-so-casually slip into view. When she sees what it is and cringes, you can ask, “Oh, have you seen this new zine yet? For FAT dykes like us?” And while she huffs and stumbles and tries to get away from you, you can atone for having offended by calling after her, apologizing. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you not a dyke?” Then again, you live in the land of farm wives, so one can only hope you aren’t blessed with urban gaydar.

Have fun,


For advice on poise and attitude write Hey Fat Chick, at FaT GiRL. 

[Image Description: A black and white drawing of a head with snakes for hair, and angry expression with furrowed eyebrows, eyes wide open, and an open mouth as if screaming.]