Title (as given to the record by the creator): Betty
Date(s) of creation:  February, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Cath Thompson, Betty Rose Dudley, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Three zine pages with black and white photos.
Reference #:  FG2-058-060-Betty
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photographed by Cath Thompson, 1986

[image description: A page with two photographs, and the white letters b e t t y inside black dots. 1. An intimate close-up of Betty, a superfat, white, soft butch dyke sitting on the beach, looking down while applying sunscreen to her thigh. Her swimsuit is one piece – mostly dark with horizontal stripes made of white polka dots. She wears glasses with thick lenses, and her hair is short-ish, down just past her ears. Way in the background a few other people are visible on the beach. 2. A closeup of Betty lying on her back in the sand, visible from knees to upper belly. The view is from one side of Betty’s body, her belly – in its suit with stripes of polka dots – forms a shiny arc against the blurry pillows of sand in the background. The leg opening of her suit rises above her thigh to show an area of sparse pubic hair. Her white thighs are fat and fleshy, pillowy like the sand.]

[image description: A page with two photographs, and the words “photographed by Cath Thompson, 1986.” 1. A large, very close shot of Betty lying on her back in the sand, focused on where her upper thighs meet her pubic area visible under the leg hole of her polka dot swimsuit. Beyond her body, the sand is out of focus, just shadowy curves. 2. A small shot of Betty’s face, smiling, the ocean behind her. Her face is in shadow, her eyes dark beneath her glasses, her hair looking a little windswept.]

[Image description: A page with three photos of Betty naked on her back in bed, in the same pose but viewed from different vantage points. 1. We see her big white belly, her small breast falling gently toward the side, and her fat arm above, with her hand tucked behind  her head, which is out of the frame. 2. A closeup between Betty’s spread thighs, framed at the top by the lower lip of  her fat belly, her thighs billowing inward from the sides, her ass cheeks and crack at the bottom, with her plump cunt at the center, softly covered with light hair. 3. A zoomed out shot that reveals Betty’s head propped up on pillows, both arms up with hands behind her head, her eyes looking down toward the photographer between her legs, which are spread wide.]