Comics: Chainsaw

Title:  Chainsaw
Date(s) of creation: February, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Max Airborne, FaT GiRL
Physical description: Zine page with a black and white comic drawing.
Reference #: FG2-000-Chainsaw
Links: [ PDF ] [ Max Airborne’s web site ]

From FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

by Max Airborne

Image Description:

A comic hand drawn with black ink on white paper. A series of frames mixing drawings and handwritten text. Frames are arranged around a central circle containing a chainsaw with sparks coming off, showing it’s running. On the blade it says, “FG TOOLS.”

Top: Tired of living in a world where you don’t fit?!! Try using a CHAINSAW [The word “chainsaw” appears in large bubble letters wrapped whimsically around the top half of the circle.

Lower left:  Diner booth too narrow? Take out a piece of the table! [Two images: 1. An empty diner booth seen from above, with barely an inch between each cushioned seat back and the table. On top of the table is a napkin dispenser, and salt and pepper shakers. 2. The same diner booth, but with a chunk cut out where a person could sit. There’s sawdust on the table, a salt shaker is on its side, and the napkin dispenser is on the floor.]

Lower middle: Stall too small? Take out the wall! [Two images: 1. A public bathroom with very narrow toilet stalls that have toilet paper attached to the side walls, making the stalls functionally even narrower. 2. Same stalls but with doors and walls removed so two toilets are right next to each other in one space.]

Lower right: And that seat you’ve always wanted on the bus? [The inside of a city bus looking toward the back from the front. A fat person in a baseball cap stands in the foreground, looking toward the back of the bus, holding up a chainsaw and snickering, “heh, heh.” The bus has only one passenger who is halfway out the door, running.]