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FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

Fat & Bi

“Here are some of the notes I’ve made about the similarities between being fat and bi. I don’t pre­tend that what follows is a definitive statement, I just want to get the ball rolling, and I hope that others will develop and debate some of these ideas. ” Charlotte Cooper from Fat GiRL #6, August, 1996

Botero and Us

Daisy and Laurie take a trip to the park for some photographs.

Actions: Avengers Eat Out

Boston Lesbian Avengers reportback about an action in front of a diet business.

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Comic: Fat Dyke Action

Comic by Max Airborne. October, 1995

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Report from the Front

A letter to the International No Diet Coalition from the Fat Guerrillas. A recipe for wheat paste. A collage by Barbarism.

Things to Do on a Rainy Day

A comic by Max Airborne

Fat hatred won’t die by itself. It needs help from you.

Special ingredients.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Comics: Chainsaw

Comic by Max Airborne. FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Helpful Hint #9: Enfatten your friends

Turn the tables on your concern-trolling “friends!”

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995


The dangers of dieting.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Fat Action: A Cunt for a Cunt

Advice for eating lunch in public.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Columns we’d like to see

A call for contributors.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Recipes: Fat Girl Revenge Cocktail

Learn about this very special recipe.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Helpful Hint: Hysterical Pregnancy and lnsta-Birthing: 

Helpful advice for dealing with fat harassment.

From FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Recycling Hints!

A creative method for recycling your old glass holiday ornaments. From Fat GiRL #1, October, 1994.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

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