Comic: Fat Dyke Action

Title: Fat Dyke Action
Date(s) of creation: October, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Max Airborne, FaT GiRL
Physical description: Black and white zine page with a full page comic.
Reference #: FG4-000-FatDykeAction
Links: [ PDF ]

Image description:

A comic hand drawn with black ink on white paper. A series of frames mixing drawings and handwritten text.

[Across the top, a wooden sign is screwed to a wall with stenciled white letters spelling out FAT DYKE. Across the bottom, individual wooden letters are screwed to a wall, spelling out ACTION. Hanging from the top sign is a smaller wooden sign that says “Tools for better living Yeah.” Hanging from the lower letters is another small wooden sign that says “Max Airborne 1995.”]

MARKERS [A fat butch dyke wearing a backward baseball cap sits on a public toilet, pants down at their ankles, revealing a snake tattoo on a lower leg. They’re using markers to write on a wall that has other graffiti. They’ve started to write the word DIET over a skull and crossbones. Other graffiti includes a Fat Power fist, a phone number for a good time, and an Employees Wash Hands sign to which a toilet artist has added “after masturbating.”]

STICKERS [A grocery store aisle, shelves filled with Lo-Fat and diet items. A fat shopper’s hands can be seen holding a box of “Lo-Fat Crunchy Chewy Gooeys, Guaranteed!” in one hand, and a sticker in the other that says “WARNING: This Product KILLS.]

ANGER [Inside a cartoon explosion, a fat holds up its middle finger. A thought bubble comes from the finger, thinking “Fuck you.”]

OPEN EYES [A large open eye inside a flower. A small sign says “for making eye contact with other fat dykes.”]

SELF-LOVE [A heart, surrounded by rays, with a love note inside: “Dear Me, I think you are the coolest babe in town. I love and worship you. Love, Me.”]