Write On: the lip service update

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Write On: the lip service update
Date(s) of creation:  Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Max Airborne, Leah Z, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
One zine page with a photograph and two columns of text
Reference #: FG4-059-LipService
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Write On: the lip service update 

[image description: a dark photo of a stencil design spray painted in white, of a fat fist in a circle, surrounded by the words “Fat Power.”] Stencil and photo by Max Airborne]

Yes, fat dykes are everywhere, but from the looks of the media, we don’t exist at all (with the rather bizarre exceptions of recent mentions of FaT GiRL in The Nation and Time). We are usually excluded from the dyke media and often the fat media, too. Well, we are sick and tired of being shoved in the closet! A case in point: Radiance‘s summer issue had a feature story about the new generation of fat activists. Nomy Lamm and one other woman were mentioned, but not one single mention of ANY of the young, fat, DYKE organizing that’s going on. Is Radiance trying to stay in the closet? Help Radiance understand why coming out is important. 

Write to them! And on the lezzie side of things, here’s the scoop on Girlfriends magazine. 

From Girlfriends July/August 1995 issue: 

Skip the Skinny 

Thank you for mentioning the release of FaT GiRL. The more press we get, the more contact we make with fat dykes. Fat dykes are everywhere, yet we are not represented in any of the media. Another way you can help is to start portraying fat dykes in your magazine. 

I have looked through your last several issues from cover to cover and seen not one fat dyke. Why? Is your magazine only for thin women? If so, I think it’s important that you say so, 

rather than purporting to be for the enjoyment of all lesbians. (Girlfriends: The Magazine of Thin Lesbian Enjoyment?) Fat lesbians exist in great numbers, and so do our admirers. 

We need more than just FaT GiRL, we need true representation in all the lesbian press. 

Max Airborne
San Francisco, California 

The editors respond: You’re absolutely right. From the look of it, Girlfriends has been the magazine of thin lesbian enjoyment. Our only (and admittedly “thin”) defense is that we consider our pictorial to be fantasy material, rather than a reflection of the real lesbian communiry. That’s not always a comfortable line for us to toe, however, and we try to balance the limitations of those (all-too-often fatphobic) fantasies with hard­hitting editorial — especially when it pertains to women who aren’t skinny, white, or rich. Moreover, we don’t have a policy against featuring rubenesque beauties in our centerfold pictorial (that would be a rough one, seeing that we have plenty of fat girls and their admirers on our staff). Big exhibitionist readers, head up! 

P.S.: We applaud your activism, and we’re honored to receive a letter from one of our fave ‘zines. 

Dear Fat Girl, 

Hi gals! I’ve been meaning to write since first getting my greasy little fingers on issue #1. I am so happy you folks have created this magazine! Keep up the good work! Enclosed is a letter I sent to Girlfriends magazine I thought you might enjoy. 

Your magazine sure does have a lot more zip to it, now doesn’t it! 

FYI — almost died over April’s butch seduc­tion piece (issue #2) and go go go Amiee (great centerfold!). 

Best wishes!!!
Leah Z 

Dear Girlfriends Magazine

Thank you for the article on Tribe 8, my favorite band ever, and the groovy pictures of all those cute lesbian cowgirls! 

However, I felt disturbed by your response to Max’s letter in regards to the lack of fat women in your magazine. You stated that, admittedly thinly, perhaps your pictorials reflected fantasy, rather than reflection of lesbian communities. I felt compelled to comment that, excluding the fantasy material of Tribe 8’s Flipper, thin women do not people my fantasy world. Much more generously proportioned butches grace my dreams (also significantly less shaven!). Through discussions with my “girlfriends,” I know I am not alone in this preference. 

Thumbs up to Max and her crew at Fat Girl. To Girlfriends magazine, a plea to see my fantasies reflected in your magazine. 

Best wishes, 
Leah Z