Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Cuntributors
Date(s) of creation:  Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
One page with 3 columns of text, some redacted in black
Reference #: FG4-067-Cuntributors
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A.M. Salt lives and writes in San Francisco. She misses hay mows and the flecks of black dirt that work their way into the pores on the backs of farmers’ necks. She’ll probably work a shit job till she dies, if her girlfriend (who is intruding here to tell FG readers that A is supremely handsome) doesn’t run her into the ground first. 

Miss April Miller fantasizes about being a kept woman. 

Barbarism, born to Alien rocker chicks from hell, is looking for redemption in all the wrong places. She is presiding Queen of the Max Airborne Fan Club and collects belly button lint in her very sparse free time, which she covets and longs for … 

Bear is a wildhearted gender-fucking butch girl and an example of what happens when one over educates a filthy mind. She would like to grateful­ly dedicate this to a certain rather talented Cat. 

Bertha likes being the Kitchen Slut because she loves hot dishes, feeding people and playing with knives. 

Betty Rose is a fat Missouri girl living in California. The only surfing she does is on the World Wide Web. She connected with her lover, a bi girl, through e-mail: 

Bo is an ex-political prisoner who continues to do community work with Out of Control: Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War, and the Norma Jean Croy Defense Committee. She was a butch at birth. 

Candida persists in writing poems for FG despite the well-known fact that no one reads poetry in zines. She’ll catch on eventually. Meanwhile, she pesters Max for fan-mail. 

Carol Squires is a photographer by training, a fat woman by genetics and yo-yo dieting, and a fat activist by her need to survive in a fatphobic world. She lives her mostly happy, bisexual, polyamorous life in Berkeley, CA. 

Cathie Dunsford, author of Cowrie (Spinifex, 1994; see FG #3 for review), currently lives in New Zealand, where she teaches Creative Writing and Publishing. Other works include a bi-lingual poetry collection, Survivors: Uberlebende, and her most recent anthology, Me and Marilyn Monroe

charlene is rad, bi, silly, perverted, wacky, weird and looking for dates. a singer, spontaneous performer and shrinky-dink maker. charlene can be found in sf, east bay, and occasionally a social event. 

Chrystos is a Native American lesbian poet from the Menominee Nation. She’s been a femme for 30+ years. She has four books of poetry with a 5th (Fire Power) about to be published by Press Gang. She’s also a treaty/land rights activist.

CuirDyke and MsDaddy’s girl (a.k.a. D.J. Curran) is a fat, tree-hugging, libertarian, celtic pagan leatherdyke. 

Drew likes girls with big butts, small hands and wicked wits. She publishes The Servants’ Quarters, a pansexual zine devoted to erotic submission and is the co-founder of two internet mailing lists, “boychicks,” a list for butches and their admirers, and “kinky-girls,” which is just what it sounds like. She lives in Oakland, CA, where she works as a freelance writer and editor. 

Elana Dykewomon was an editor of Sinister Wisdom for 8 years, and encourages you to sup­port SW under the new editorship of Akiba Onada-Sikwoia. Elana’s new book of poetry, Nothing will Be as Sweet as the Taste, has just been published by Onlywomen Press in London. (Check out the ad for it in this issue.) 

Evie Leder is a dyke videographer who got tricked into being a photographer for Fat Girl via digital imaging. Go figure. 

Fish will, by now, let us get away with saying any damn thing we want about her. Anything at all. Whatever comes to mind. 

Hannah is happily married. She’s a small business owner, and what she has learned from bird watch­ing is: Mean females rule. 

Jane Segal: pushing 50, photo opportunist, part-time politico, full-time mother. 

Judith Stein is a long-time fat dyke activist who loves a good fat girl romance as much as anything! She loves the new fat ‘zines because they are the next generation of fat liberation organizing. 

Olivia Newton-John ain’t got nothin on Lanetta.

Laura “Floyd” Johnston believes she was left here as a newborn by aliens to observe and docu­ment certain Earth customs which her “people” find interesting. Until she is picked up and brought back to the planet of the cat-people, she is looking for a patroness-of-the-artist, so she can quit her day job and gain more “hands-on” experi­ence to relay to her progenitors. (In other words, she’s a GEEK!) 

Laurie Avocado grows avocados in her back yard, puts away books in the Hollywood Library, and contemplates the universe from her studio in downtown L.A. 

Lea E. Arellano: Desert Chicana dyke, lover of women of all sizes and abilities. 

Lori Selke is a big, bi, butch and unemployed leatherperson currently living in Chicago. Her work can also be seen in Black Sheets and the forthcoming The Second Coming. She’s sweet and quiet and demure. Really. Honest. 

M. Cimino regularly beats up her inner-child.

Margaret Sloane Hunter is a black, lesbian-femi­nist activist/writer who lives in Oakland. 

Margo Mercedes Rivera is a 35 year-old mixed race butch from a working class background. (“And a damn cute one, at that.”–One of the eds.] 

Marilyn Kalman is a fat Jewish dyke. She’s been a fat activist in the San Francisco Bay area since 1979, having worked with Life In The Fat Lane, the Let It All Hang Out (LIAHO) Committee, and Robust & Rowdy Dance Productions. She’s also a tenants’ rights advocate and a member of Out Of Control Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political Prisoners. She appreciates Fat Girl big time! 

Marilyn Hollinger: I’m 33, femme, fat, an out lesbian for 11 years, a non-monogamous S/M top. My passions are women, sex, deep friendships, les­bians, being out, S/M play without hangups, butches (especially butch bottoms), being on-line, Star Trek, and designing usable computer soft­ware. I’m an unabashed control freak who can organize any group to do anything. 

Max is back in the world of the employed, saving money to publish new and interesting things. 

Miriam Berg is a freelance writer and the president of the Council on Size & Weight Discrimination, Inc. For more than two decades she has worked to improve women’s health care and access to ser­vices, and has been an activist in the size-accep­tance movement for over ten years. 

Mr. Anon‘s biohazard: At the age of nine, my friend Windy and I got caught peeing in the men’s uri­nal at the museum. 

Oso is a stone butch Chicana who loves her wife and wishes her cat well in the next world. 

Pandoura is a big bi Libra who is just happy to be here. 

Poundcake (a.k.a. the Big Cake), age 8, is a fine specimen of a calico cat, with extra toes, or ‘thumbs” on her front paws. When not munching tuna or snoozing, she enjoys a little roll in the hay with a catnip snake. 

Selena is invisible right now, so she can’t tell you who she is, what she looks like, or what she does. She could tell you what she thinks, though, if she had the time, which she doesn’t. 

Serafina is a student at UC Santa Cruz, a photog­rapher with a trigger-finger, and an avid FG fan. More than one of us has commented on her strik­ing beauty. 

Sondra Solo: By day, she battles Gap-wearing law school losers. By night, she’s doing stuff that would make them gasp. 

When not in her disguise as a World Wide Web weenie, Sooty is a mild-mannered librarian. At the moment, she is neither fat nor a dyke, but nobody’s perfect … 

Vicki Markin: 41 year-old butch, photographer of life, mother of a beautiful being! 

Zanne “does about 8 million things–she paints enormous, tormented paintings, is working on a comic book, plays guitar for Dyke Van Dick, dj’s the queer clubs Junk and Muffdive, and writes brilliantly.”—Michelle Tea