Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Personals
Date(s) of creation:  Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
One zine page with a strip of photographs and two columns of text
Reference #: FG4-068-Personals
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[image description: “Poundcake” – a strip of 3 stacked photos of Poundcake, a fat cat who is white with tabby patches and a black nose. In the first photo, Poundcake is sunken into a big dark pillow, laying on her belly, paws forward and facing the camera. In the second photo, Poundcake has rolled onto their side and is yawning. In the third photo, Poundcake is on a rug, lying on their back with their paws in the air, playing with a toy. Text reads: THIS CAT NEEDS A HOME! Poundcake is a fat, special needs cat who needs lots of love and affection. Call XXXXXXX and ask for FaT GiRL.]

I am Black, Fine and Fat 

I am afrocentric, sometimes elegant sometimes whimsical 
I am from Harlem, Philly & Chicago 
and my laughter is tinged with the blues
Catch me if you can 
catch me if you dare 
and find a dreamer 
with whom a sunset shared 
is a caress 
And if you will share the words to your song 
I will share the steps to my dance 
This is an invitation to my life 
and perhaps my heart 
If you are butch, mature (over 40), of any ethnic background, you appreciate multicul­tural diversity, you believe we all have a responsibility to help make this a better world, and you enjoy walks that wander, the ocean and speaking your mind and your heart, romance, good discussions, books, for­eign films, cuddling, dancing to salsa, poetry with breakfast and being butch with a woman who enjoys fem and strong, please reply to FaT GIRL Box #22 

Looking For a Boston Daddy 

Hot fat femme trying to do the dyke dating thing in & around Boston. I’d love to meet you if you’re 40+, tall, dark and handsome, intelligent, independent, soulful and atten­tive. You know how to treat your lady. I promise I’ll be a good girl, baby. Please don’t make me want to pack up my lingerie and move to the Bay Area. I want to play, lust and love again at home. Tell your friends! FaT GiRL Box #23 


You are a lesbian over 50, independent, warm and cuddly, politically conscious, and looking for a partner who is a lot like you. You’ve worked on your issues and take responsibility for your own actions. You seek closeness, yet need and want to be a whole, separate person. You are looking for some­one to parallel play with, to share your daily joys and pains, to support and be supported by. You are not into fat phobia, melodrama, tobacco, street drugs, scented products, or “power-over” relationships. You are flexible yet know your own needs and boundaries. I am all of the above as well as very fat, dis­abled, working-class, Jewish, creative, Vanilla femme (31 flavors), ready to meet someone with whom to share my life. Is it you? FaT GiRLBox#24 


32, 5’10” tall, 300 lbs., super busty (H cup), huge nipples. With hair, hair everywhere -legs, thighs, crotch, ass, tits, nipples -everywhere. Seeks interesting fem who likes me the way I am and would love to serve me and my strap-on. FaT GiRL Box #25 

Fat Collectors Unite! 

Attractive, huge dyke wishes to correspond with others who collect photos, mags, videos of enormous women. Special interest in tat­toos, pierced, unshaven. Especially engaged in bizarre activities. Answer all, trades offered. Would love your own personal big naked photo (gets mine). FaT GiRL Box #26 

Charming Butch Seeks Kind Femme

31 y.o., 5’ 3” , 240 lbs., crew cut, tattoos, sm­cere blue eyes, brave heart, strong hands, active mind, manners, sexually adventurous, romantic, creative. Holding out for the right lady/slut of my dreams. She must be able to accept and appreciate my big big love … (flow­ers, coffee in bed, endless supply of foot rubs, you name it). All I ask for is a kind-hearted woman, willing to communicate, with a healthy sex drive, to scratch my back as I lay heavy on top. FaT GiRL Box #27 

My Heart Is Open

Dynamic, well-humored butch dyke, 30-ish, hoping for true love (yeah, I know … ). Slow­burning, honest, present, sociable (most days), trustworthy, fun, the M-word, work­ing-class, independent. S.F. FaT GiRL Box #28 

Write To Me 

Express yourself while developing a friend­ship with this S.F. pen-dyke via crayons or ink, dot-matrix or ink-jet .. .It’s old fashioned 32 cent stamps for me. (I’m just not hip – ­I’m not on-line.) Vibrant interactions almost guaranteed. FaT GiRL Box #29 

Babe in the Woods 

Or at least that’s how I feel. Fat, fun, feisty, 50-ish. Came out late in my life and have a lot to learn. African American, intelligent, strong-minded, sensitive, sensual, sexy but shy. Love my work, t.v., books, movies, music. Seeking lesbian friends over 40, any race, for letters, chit-chat, and whatever else. Not really seeking a soul mate, but not adverse to the idea. Love and lust after large, soft women. Am mostly femme – love cards, flowers, romance, being “courted.” FaT GiRL Box #30

TO ADVERTISE: Send your headline, text, name, address, phone#, and a check for $5 for the first 500 characters + 1 cent for each additional character to FaT GiRL, XXXXX  San Francisco, CA 94114. 

TO REPLY: Pencil your dream girl’s box# on the front of a stamped envelope contain­ing your reply. Enclose that envelope in another one and send it c/o FaT GiRL Personals at the above address. We will con­tinue to forward replies to all ads until fur­ther notice. 

RULES: FaT GiRL Personals are for fat dykes and the women who want them. This description is intended to include bisexual and MTF transgendered women. It does not include men. FaT GiRL is a fat-positive, diversity-positive zine. Please keep that in mind when writing your ad. We do not accept ads with personal names or street addresses. We reserve the right to refuse to print ads we find offensive.