Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Resources
Date(s) of creation:  April, 1996
Creator / author / publisher:  Max Airborne, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
5 zine pages with 3 columns of text
Reference #: FG5-062-066
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By Max Airborne 

Bamboo Girl, #2 

There’s heaps of interesting reading in this zine for Asian dykes. 

I especially loved the interview with Selena Wahng of the Lucy Stoners and Sabrina’s list of affirmations. You’ll also find more interviews, a report from the Dyke March, tips on everything from essential oils to Tagalog, some art and writing from Femzine, thoughts about feminism and hardcore, Asian Fucking Stereotypes, and more stuff than is possible to list here. A big, healthy dose of my favorite attitude. $3 to: Bamboo Girl, PO Box 2828, New York, NY 10185-2828. 

Dendron: Psychiatric Survivors and Allies Madness Network News, #36 

Have you ever been told that your fat or your sexual preference were diseases that needed to be cured? Dendron speaks on your behalf. Dendron is an incredibly important resource, chock-full of news, ideas, and information for psychiatric survivors and folks who want to stop psychiatric abuse. Dendron also encourages reclamation of the word “crazy” – hooray!!! Issue #36 includes the Ten Warning Signs of “Normality” pull-out poster. $15/4 issues (sliding scale) to: Dendron, PO Box 11284, Eugene, OR 97440, email: 

Dork Dyke, #2 

And a dorky dyke zine it is, complete with fashion tips for wealthy men, a cute lesbo episode of Laverne and Shirley (and Boo Boo Kitty), musings about being a hick, rants about computers, and more mentions of John Denver than you’ve seen in one place since you were a wee tot ( did you know that he and Martina were twins separat­ed at birth?). $2 to Tara Moyle, 1027 S. 4th St., DeKalb, IL 60115. 

fantastic fanzine, #6 

This title doesn’t lie – it really is fantastic. But not to say it’s fantasy – on the contrary, this zine packs its pages with more truth than many people ever acknowledge in their entire lifetime. There’s lots of excellent writing about class, race, abuse, being a girl, riot grrrl, bodies, mental health, and life, including a contribution from Nomy Lamm and a recipe for homemade lube. Loads of praise and respect to Erika for creating such an excellent zine. Send some extra dough and ask for a Riot Grrrl Press catalog or a copy of wreckin ball #3, a zine Erika and Mary did together while sequestered away together for 2 days. $3 (sliding scale) or trade to: Erika, 2501 N. Lincoln, #261, Chicago, IL 60614. 

Fat!So?: For People Who Don’t Apologize for Their Size, #4 

Armpits galore grace the centerfold of this latest issue of my favorite fat zine (besides the one you’re read­ing, that is). You’ll also find more Body Mass index of fat culture (did you know that the circulation of Weight Watchers magazine is nearly that of the New York Times???), cut-and-paste flying fat fairies, a roundup of TV talk shows about fat, fiction, poetry, intensely interesting blurbs, Fat!So? trading cards, and a comic by Max Airborne (heh, heh). $3.50/sample, $12/4 to: Fat!So?: PO Box 423464, San Francisco, CA 94142, email: 

Food For Thought and Size Esteem

are two small publications from Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem. One is a quarterly newsletter, the other a bi-monthly issue-oriented bulletin. The latest issues include an update on the new FDA “obesity” drugs, internet resources for fat folks, songs to celebrate fat women, parental activism on behalf of the large child, a fat person’s guide to biking, and arguments for size rights legislation. You can receive both publications for $20/year. Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534. 

GirlFrenzy: By Women for People, #5 

I was thrilled to get my hands on this latest issue, and my joy only increased as I leafed through its pages packed with great comics; an article about women and guns; a story about Riot Grrrl UK; an inter­view with Val Langmuir from Feminists Against Censorship; show reviews; a tribute to Dusty Spring­field; TONS of reviews of comics, zines, music, books and more, all with attitude and beautiful, readable layout to boot. You gotta get it. Send ’em an extra buck and ask for a Kate Evans “Can you pinch an inch? Do you give a fuck?” post­card.(pictured above) $5 to: GirlFrenzy, PO Box 148, Hove BN3 3DQ, UK. 

Girl Luv, #1 

Lots of angry, collage-style graphics in here, some cool personal stories and even some good poetry. There’s a great story about 2 rad tough girls who aren’t afraid to do what they want. Olivia does some excellent drawings, too. $1 + stamp or trade to: Olivia, 3233 Juliet St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213. 

[image description: A comic drawing of a youngish, small-fat person lifting up their shirt to show their belly. Words surrounding them say “Can you pinch an inch? Do you give a shit?” By Kate Evans From Girl Frenzy]

Her Posse, #3 

Just how sick are you of mainstream les­bian and gay culture? Let Her Posse help remind you. Among my favorite excerpts from this issue: “HOMICIDE WATCH: THAT BITCH WHO MADE BAR GIRLS. We never thought it could get worse than Claire of the Moon … there is no excuse for this badly acted, badly scripted, faux LA, big haired, dyke-hating “lesbian” film. A corpse is more erotic than this film & twice as alive.” No apologies in here. And I mean NONE. Get it, you need it. Trust me. $2 to: Her Posse, PO Box 15137, Boston, MA 02215. 

I Still Don’t Like Frogs, #1 

The title is a quote from The Color Purple, in case you were wondering. This is a very personal rant-ish, diary-ish zine by Cleo, a baby dyke in Alberta. She’s got some other projects in the works, too, including a queer youth zine, a masturbation zine for women, a zine about girls and self-mutila­tion, and a listing of girl dyke zines. Send her your stuff. Oh, and send her an extra buck and maybe she’ll drop you a copy of Slut Magnet #10, the All Dyke Militia issue. You can get ISDLF for $1 or trade to Cleo, Box 6, Site 209, RR 2, New Sarepta, Alberta, CANADA, T0B3M0. 

Lezzie Smut: Fall ’95 issue, #7 

Lezzie Smut is not a magazine to be read at work (as I’ve been trying to do for the past hour), because nearly every page has some­thing that’s bound to get you into trouble, not to mention the fact that it makes sitting still at your desk nearly impossible. If it’s not a huge, juicy cunt taking up the page, it’s a pullquote that calls, “It ain’t over till the fat bearded lady makes you scream, sweetheart.” Whew! They’re committed to portraying more fat girls, too, so send ’em your photos (don’t forget to include model releases!)!!! $5/sample, $24/4 to Hey Grrrlz! Productions, 364-1027 Davie St., Vancouver, BC Y6E 4L2 CANADA. 

Liliane: Butchy Dykes, #29 

Leanne Franson has been doing this fab mini-comic for several years now, and it’s a real gem. Each issue tackles some aspect of queer life or feminist politics, and I must confess, I especially love this latest issue about butches. She’s captured the essence of butch with her witty insight and mighty pen in a way that’s guaranteed to make you smile. I can’t wait to see the continuation in #30!!! $1.50/sample, $7.50/5 or $15/10 to: Leanne Franson, C.P. 274, Succ. Place du Pare, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H2W 2N8. 

Living Large

is an apa (amateur press association) for folks who want to talk about fat issues. In order to subscribe you must contribute (2 pages every other issue). Part of the idea is that the contributors get to know one another by interacting through writing in the zine. It’s like a big ongoing conversation (plus more). Living Large is currently open to new members. For a sam­ple issue, send $5 to Honorine Woodward, 2 Leland Ave., Northborough, MA 01532. 

Pasty: the Heavy issue, #5 

Sarah-Katherine recounts a trip to the gynecologist, a moment at the bus stop, thoughts about food, and an american tragedy about Jello No-Bake dessert. Plus “Thin People Can Bite Me” by Erin Fitzgerald, and more. As always, poetry­free. $1 + 2 stamps or a box of pop tarts to: Sarah-Katherine Lewis, 6201 15th Avenue NW, #P-549, Seattle, WA 98107. 

Queer Nasty, #7 

If you ever wondered if there were radical queers in Oregon, wonder no more. These folks are radical, funny, and very smart. This issue has some fabulous simple come­backs to dumb epithets hurled by homo­phobic breeders, a centerfold declaration about outing, advice from Mother Nasty, and lots more fodder to put hair on the chests of queers everywhere. $2/sample or $10/sub to Baby Rhino Press, PO Box 10181, Eugene, OR 97440-2181, email: 

Radiance: the Magazine for Large Women, #45 

Radiance is probably the only mainstream glossy women’s fashion magazine that actually has articles worth reading. This issue contains articles by Charlotte Cooper and several other women outside the US about fat activism in their countries, an article about size awareness in the class­room, one about growing up fat, a news column, a recipe column, and the usual array of fashion photos and ads. $5/sample, $20/year to: Radiance, PO Box 30246, Oakland, CA 94604, email: 

Sourpuss: the “Talk Show Freak” issue, #9.

Though she’s now graduated from high school, Sara is still as cool as ever, and here she recounts for us her experience on the Oprah Winfrey show (where she wore a Fat Girls Rule sticker!). She also interviews a band called Pinchu Macha who gives an interesting little rant about sex vs. sexism, and fills us in on her thoughts about growing up and how stupid it is (right fucking on!), the fucked-up boy world, and things that suck oh so very much. There’s also a couple reviews and a big ol’ pig on the cover. Sara’s also try­ing to organize an East Coast Riot Grrl convention, so interested folks should get in touch. $1 or trade to Sourpuss, Mailbox #860, SUNY, 735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, NY 10577-1499. Email 

Wage Slave, Tales of Menial Toil 

By Lee Kennedy: “52 painpacked pages” of the comic (and some not-so-comic) stories of a fat struggling car­toonist in England. 

I especially liked “Miserable Old Fart Just Wants to Do Her Art,” but all of the comics here are worth a gander-I couldn’t put it down until the very end, at which point I discovered that I’d long-since burned my dinner. Get a catalog that includes her stuff by sending a self-addressed envelope to: Slab o Concrete, PO Box 821388, Dallas, TX, 75382. 

[image description: A comic drawing of a fat, middle-aged woman in a dress sticking her middle finger out and saying “Take a twirl on THIS yew pathetic wankers!” From Wage Slave by Lee Kennedy]

If you would like your publication reviewed in Media Feast, please send to: FaT GiRL Attn: Max, 2215-R Market Street, Suite 193, San Francisco, CA 94114 


Compiled by Max Airborne 

If you would like your group or event listed here, please let us know! 

West Coast US 

Ample Opportunity, of Portland Oregon has a fat women’s swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MLC pool, 2033 NW Glisan, from 7:45-8:45pm. The pool is always staffed by a female lifeguard. If you’re feeling self-conscious, AO will provide you with a swim pal to help you get to the pool for the first time. Call the AO phone at (503)245-1524.

The NAAFA Feminist Caucus’ 12th Annual Fat Women’s Gathering will be held Nov. 8-11, 1996 in Seattle, WA at the Executive Inn, near the Seattle Center. Guest speakers include W. Charisse Goodman, author of The Invisible Woman: Confronting Weight Prejudice in America (see review in this issue) and Diane Amos (“The Pine Sol Lady”) actress and comic, who may also conduct an lmprov. Workshop. There will also be empowering workshops; vendors who specialize in products for fat women; a talent show; a fashion show; private pool party; clothing swap; a fat-positive sing-along; video presentations; old and new friends. 

The conference space limits the number of women who will be able to attend, so you must register early! Cost is $105 for NAAFA Feminist Caucus members, $115 for non-members. To obtain a registration form, email, or send a SASE (#10, business size) to 

West Coast Conference Committee, 508 North 103rd, Seattle, WA 98133. This will be a smoke and scent-free event. 

The Body Image Task Force is a task-oriented group in Santa Cruz that fights size discrimination and looksism and promotes positive body image for all sizes through events, workshops, actions, and public speaking to raise awareness of body­image issues. They need volunteers and student interns. Contact them at PO Box 934, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, ( 408) 457-4838, email 

FAT LIP Readers Theatre “is a collective of fat women who present exciting, dynamic theatrical performances about what it’s really like to be a fat woman in today’s society. Our mission is to end fat oppression and promote size acceptance through education and theatrical perfor­mance. We also offer educational workshops and in-service trainings for organizations and community groups. 

We periodically open up our membership to newcomers, FAT WOMEN interested in writing andperforrning original works of poetry, song and stories. Because we are constantly striving to have the diversity of our culture reflected in the composition of the group, at this time we are specifically seeking women of color. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. If you are interested in more information about performances or membership, call (510) 841-3438 and leave your name and phone number. If you leave your address we will send you a new member information pack­et. Email:”

Girth & Mirth can tell you what’s happening in the fat men’s movement. 176-B Page St., San Francisco, CA 94102, live info: (415) 824-0260, events line:(415) 552-1143.

Lesbians of Size (LesbOS) has formed in Portland, Oregon for the empowerment of fat lesbians. LesbOS meets every third Thursday at It’s My Pleasure. Cost is $1 per lesbian for the space. These are the business/planning/rap group meetings. LesbOS shares leadership, with the facilita­tion of the group changing each month to a new volunteer who gets to choose the topic of the meetings. They also do social and political outings. Call Gail at (503)233- 1816 for information. 

Making Waves is a supportive recreational swim for women over 200 lbs, every Sunday from 11 am – 1 pm in the East Bay. The first Sunday of each month is Friend Swim for women of all sizes. Swim fee is $3 – $5 sliding scale. For info. call Linda at (510) 524-6470 or email

Sisters of Size is a Seattle group for fat dykes. Begun in 1987, the group meets at least twice a month – once to go swim­ming and once for a focus night of discus­sion, watching relevant videos, networking, potluck, etc. They also eat in restaurants together, go bowling, kite flying, camping, and have picnics, bonfires on the beach, and parties. They try to have a float in the Gay Pride Parade and participate in No Diet Day activities. Many friendships have been made through the group. For info, contact Martha at (206)789-1267. 

Water Women is a Seattle-based low-intensity water exercise class for large and/or differently abled women and their supportive significant others. Mondays 6:30-7:30 and Wednesdays 5:30-6:30, $3 per session, call Lee Brown at (206)789-1267 

Women of Width is a Bay Area fat-positive women’s support group, based on the idea that women are healthy and beautiful at any size. The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month, 7:30 – 9:00 pm, at Two Sisters Bookstore, 605 Cambridge St., Menlo Park (unless otherwise stated). $2 is requested to help pay the room rental, but no one is turned away for lack of money. For more informa­tion call (415) 965-8416, or send email to 

Hey, get more fat girls on t.v.! And learn more about production while you’re at it: Dyke TV is shown in various cities across the U.S. In San Francisco, it is on Viacom Channel 53, and corning soon to the East Bay. The planning meetings for local pro­duction are the first and third Mondays of the month at 8pm. Call 415-641-6254 for more info. 

Midwest US 

SAFFO, Sisters Are Fighting Fat Oppression, is looking for fat-positive, Jes/bi/trans women-positive women based in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area dedicated to armjng fat women with pride and dismantling diet CUL Ture,fatphobia/ hatred, and thin privilege. For more info, contact Wendy (c/o UYW) at 244 Coffman Union, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Phone: (612) 625-0607. Fax: (612) 625-9161, email:

The Venus Group is a social group in Southeastern Michigan for big women who want to reclaim the fat female form as love goddess. They meet monthly. For info contact Heather at (313) 480-7080. 

East Coast US 

Big Beautiful Lesbians is a support group for fat lesbians in Washington, DC. For more info contact Michaelle at (202) 863-0862.

Fat Dykes in the Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland area: Come celebrate your attitudes, shyness, & FLAB! Call Nicole L. Reid @ (703) 671- 8990 or Email 

Fat is a Lesbian Issue is a New York­based, fat-positive, anti-diet discussion group that helps queer women learn to accept their bodies at any size. They meet monthly to talk about food, clothing, healthcare, sex, exercise, self-esteem and other issues that impact fat lesbians and bi women. They meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, 208 W. 13th St., in Manhattan. For more info. call Gail and Shira at 609-924-9321 or email 

FLAB, the Fat Lesbian Action Brigade, is a New York-based activist group that fights for the visibility of fat lesbians within the queer community, the fat-acceptance movement and the world at large; works to discredit and destroy the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry that threatens our survival; and celebrates the beauty and sexiness of fat women. See Fat is a Lesbian Issue above for meeting times and contact info. 

FatGala ’96, A Conference for Fat Women and Their Women Friends and Allies will be held July 4-7, 1996 at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey. Events planned include workshops, trunk sale, three pool parties, a talent show, murder mystery, and meetings, all in a “beautiful castle setting.” The gathering is sponsored by: The Fat Feminist Caucus of NAAFA, LFAN, Largesse, Council on Size & Weight Discrimination and other national and regional groups. To receive a registration packet & more information write to: Willendorf Associates, PO Box 407, Bearsville, NY 12409, or call Miriam at (914)679-1209.


The Fat Women’s Group is based in London. Write to them at Wesley House, Wild Court, London WC2B SAU, UK. 


The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination works to influence public policy and opinion in order to end oppres­sion based on discriminatory standards of body weight, size, or shape. Reach them at PO Box 305, Mount Marion, NY 12456. 

Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem maintains a library of archival material on fat liberation dating back to the beginnings of the fat feminist movement in the early 1970’s, as well as a computer database cataloguing resources in dozens of categories. They invite contributions, and offer free referrals, printouts from their database, and research assistance. Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534, (203) 787-1624 phone/fax ( call weekdays between noon and 8pm EST), email 75773.7l 

LFAN, the Lesbian Fat Activists Network, is an affinity group for size-friendly Lesbians of all sizes. Contact Laura Tisoncik, PO Box 635, Woodstock, NY 12498, email: 


The Fatdykes email discussion list is a place for fat lesbians and our allies to discuss topics related to our lives as fat lesbians, from a pro-fat, pro-lesbian perspective. We welcome discussion and debate, but not flaming. We ask list members to treat each other with respect. We also consider our pro-fat, anti-diet position to be the foundation of this list, so this is not a place for debating the validity of our perspective. We’re here to share ideas and information, to vent, to give support, to chat, to make friends or get dates, to do networking and activism for fat liberation. This list is for women only and is open to fat-positive, pro-lesbian women of any size, orientation, or birth gender. For info on how to subscribe, email: majordomo@apoca­ with the body of the message: info fatdykes. 

FaT GiRL Has a site on the World Wide Web where we list tons of resources that exist only on the Internet! Check it out at: 

[Image description: Display ad in a square box: “it’s a latina lesbian thing
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poesía • fresh commentary • lusty love letters
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$ 13/year for individuals $23/year for organizations  $4/sample 
1521 Alton Rd. #336
Miami Beach, FL 33139
[Display ad: A dark, mysterious-looking photograph of a fat person from behind, their torso shaped like an hourglass by a tightly laced white corset. The back of their hand rests on their hip.Text reads: “Bertha Custom corsets and fantasy attire 510-428-4917”]
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A drawing of a femme in a black dress holding her hands to her belly and leaning her head back in pleasure.]