Title (as given to the record by the creator): Ads
Date(s) of creation: Issue 5: April 1996
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 a zine page with three display ads
Reference #: FG5-055
Links:  [ PDF ]

[image description: A half page ad: a gray box with black text. “Elana Dykewomon’s  new book of poems, “Nothing Will Be As Sweet As The Taste” contains her hit singles “the real fat woman poems” & “big belly on the road from reno” among a ton of scorching work exploring love, sex and politics. Don’t miss the first new book in over ten years from this terrific dyke, Jewish, fat activist!  Even her mother wrote (true quote): “few poets are so honest, unpretentious but wonderfully lyrical.” So check it out – if your local women’s bookstore doesn’t have it, get them to order it (from Inland) today!”]

[image description: A quarter-page ad for FAT!SO? Zine.  “Fat!So? for people who don’t apologize for their size Subscribe now!” [a drawing of the venus of willendorf with a short cropped haircut and a leather jacket] “You get: 
– Roseanne sightings
– stories, poetry, art
– the incredible Oprah flipbook (Make her diet & get fat again!)
– Aunt Agony’s advice & attitude
– Venus of Willendorf paper dolls
– interviews with famous fat folk
– photo assays: a body part each issue
– Or buy FAT!SO? t-shirts, butt posters & paper doll books
Just $12 for 4 issues/year! 
P.O. Box 423464 SF CA 94142 “]

[image description: A quarter page ad, a black frame showing the phases of the moon. Inside it says Moonsisters Drum Camp for Womyn. Circles,…Marketplace…Networking. All levels welcome. Multi-level classes. Performances. 1996. In California & New Mexico. 
Sept. 13-15 – Sandia Park, NM Ubaka Hill .. Mabiba Baegne & more.
October 4-6 – Sausalito, CA. Ubaka Hill..Linda Thomas-Jones .. Mablba Baegne & more.
Teaching rhythms rooted In Africa, the Caribbean & the hearts of womyn.
accessible…no chemical scents…low income scholarships .. 
For registration information: SASE to 
POB 20918 Oakland, CA 94620
A program of MOTHER RIVER SPIRIT, a feminlst, multi-racial/cultural/ethnic, interfaith, activist web of lesbians and our womyn & girl allies. A non-profit organization; networking and creating local, national & global womyn’s drumming communities. In the center of the ad are drawings of women playing different African drums.]